Do you feel insecure when your partner looks at or talks with others? Are you convinced that they’re going to betray you? Are you just waiting to be let down? 

If you answered yes, you might have trust issues. Here are 4 tips to overcome these issues before they dismantle your relationship:

One, confront your problem head-on. Don’t pretend like your trust issues don’t exist. Instead, acknowledge that you have them and then try to understand why. Oftentimes, trust issues stem from past experiences. For example, if you were betrayed in a previous relationship, you might expect your current partner to deceive you, too.

Two, modify your mindset. After you explore the cause of your trust issues, work to adapt a healthy mindset moving forward. For example, your past mindset might have been: “All relationships are doomed.” Now, your new mindset could be: “I am capable of building a happy and healthy relationship.” This new mindset will help you feel more secure in your relationship.

Three, be honest with your partner. Explain your trust issues and what or where they stem from. Additionally, anytime you feel a negative emotion looming as a result of your trust issues, like jealousy, let your partner know. This open communication will enable you two to work through the problem together.  

Four, empower your partner to make their own decisions. Setting rules for or manipulating your partner’s decisions due to your trust issues will only push them away. Give your partner the freedom to make their own choices. This will strengthen your bond and give them the opportunity to prove that you can trust them. 

These four tips can help you overcome trust issues in your relationship.