Seven Habits You Can Cultivate To Lead An Effective Life

In order to live a successful life and reap its benefits, one must be considered a highly effective person. To become a “highly effective” individual, there are 7 core habits one should adopt:

  1. The Proactive Approach:
  2. In order to be highly effective, one must be extremely proactive and productive. When faced with a problem, one should act accordingly to the situation, rather than give up.  Proactive individuals are realists in that they take the problem they are handed seriously and find a way to solve it.

  3. Begin with the End in Mind:
  4. Solving problems requires a lot more than just seeking the easy way out. Make sure to take all possible solutions into consideration before moving forward with one; your goal is to find the best one possible.

  5. Put First Things First:
  6. It is highly important that you know how to prioritize things throughout your day. Make sure you know what is important and what is unimportant. There is only a limited amount of time in the day to complete every task, so make sure to complete the important ones first.

  7. Think Win-Win:
  8. No matter what situation you are in, it is important that you search for “win-win” scenarios. You should strive to accomplish tasks that will not only benefit yourself, but others as well.

  9. Seek First to Understand:
  10. When conversing with someone else, one should try to empathize with that individual as much as possible. Consideration is essential to create strong, understanding relationships.

  11. Create Synergies:
  12. “Chance favors the Collected Mind.” Remember that working in teams always surpasses working alone, because the input from the collected mind carries far greater depth than that of an individual. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates couldn’t have started their companies without having had the proper teams to do so; the creativity and collaborative effort that can result from teamwork far outweighs that of the lone entrepreneur.

  13. Sharpen your Blade:
  14. Make sure to always learn from your experiences and from your mistakes. It is easy to succumb to low morale when dwelling on one’s mistakes, but remember – life is a learning process, and experience is the best teacher.

If you wish to live a highly effective life, then you might find incorporating these 7 habits into your life to be very helpful. Many overestimate the difficulty in doing so. Some of these habits are common sense, but are often forgotten, so strive to actively utilize them in any situation.

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