Understanding Grief & Loss in Adoption;

Are You Feeling…

Loss, Frustrated, Anxious , Sad, Angry, Jealousy, Denial, Shame, Relationship Stress, Lack of Control?

The experience of adoption is often bitter sweet. Adoption can be a new baby for the adoptive parents, a new family for the adoptee and the solution to the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy for the birth family. Adoption involves a loss for each member of the adoption triad. For adoptive parents, they  deal with the loss of having conceived a child and control. The adoptee loses the chance to grow up in his/her biological family. The birth family feels the loss of bloodlines and raising the child brought into this world. Grieving is part of the recovery process. Everyone grieves in their own way and it is a perfectly natural experience. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are emotions that all 3 of the adoption triad members will experience at one point or another. Therapy can help individuals move from grief & loss to acceptance. Adoption is a family’s story not just an event. The grieving process is fluid and people will move in and out of different feelings over time and throughout their lives.

5 Tips for Managing the Stress of an Unplanned Pregnancy, Infertility and Adoption:

1. Talk with people who understand and can help you feel less alone

2. Make time to acknowledge the difficult feelings

3. Learn as much as you can

4. Join a support group

5. Don’t let it take over your life make sure it is filled with other things such as relaxation and fun. Remember, grief and loss is a normal part of life.

Lisa Lewis has been providing counseling and emotional support to pregnant couples making a decision regarding an unplanned pregnancy, assisting families with completing an adoption plan, pre-post reunifications, conducting grief & loss groups and is helping individuals manage the emotional stresses associated with infertility and adoptive families with issues unique to adoption. She brings to her work the personal perspective of being an adoptive parent. Lisa is available now to help you with your adoptive situation.

Call her at 512-649-2270 to schedule your confidential session.

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