Choosing the right counselor or therapist in Grand Rapids can seem like an overwhelming task. There are hundreds of therapists listed on various referral sites, and numerous facilities within Google’s search pages.

Here are some ways to narrow down the search field.

1. Find a counselor that has experience with what you need

Some good things to look for include:

  • Does the therapist have a special certification in the area you are looking for help in? (For example substance abuse/addiction counseling)
  • How many years of experience do they have in the area?

2. Look for licensed clinicians

Fully licensed clinicians have practiced under an experienced professional and have completed all of the requirements to be recognized as a licensed practitioner in the State of Michigan. If you don’t know what the acronym behind the person’s name means, Google it!

Fully licensed clinicians are also often approved to take a larger variety of insurance plans than limited licensed or unlicensed providers, so there is a better chance that they will take your insurance.

3. Research your clinician and their practice

What information can you find out about the individual or the practice online? What is the culture of the organization or individual you are looking to get involved with? What is their practice focused on?

There are many types of referral sources for individual therapists and are popular in Grand Rapids. also lists “treatment facilities,” which usually have multiple clinicians and will give you a lot of information about the facility itself.

Use social media. Use Facebook and other social media outlets to search for counseling in Grand Rapids and see what people are saying about different groups and individuals.

Determine whether the culture of the individual or practice you are contacting seems like a good fit with your personality and needs. If you are having trouble finding this information – it may be difficult to predict how your experience will be.

4. Online reviews

Does the counselor or practice have reviews you can read online? Familiarize yourself with what people are saying about different therapists in the area.

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5. Accessibility

How long are you willing to wait to receive a return phone call to get in for an appointment? Sometimes it can be difficult to schedule an appointment with a live person, or to get information from a live person.

Many times we find ourselves leaving voicemails and hoping for a call back, and even then, many times appointments cannot be scheduled for several weeks out. Sometimes this can be a frustrating process. You may be able to rule out therapists and entire facilities based on whether or not you are able to speak to someone about scheduling an appointment or to ask a question.

6. Amenities

Does the therapist or practice offer any amenities that are important to you?

Some things to consider include:

  • Will you be provided the contact information for your counselor?
  • How easy is it to get in touch with someone to change or cancel your appointment?
  • Does the therapist or practice offer evening or weekend hours?
  • Is the office comfortable? Can you see pictures online of the facility before you go there? What type of building is the therapist located in (personal home, office building, etc)?

About Thriveworks Counseling in Grand Rapids

At Thriveworks Grand Rapids, we have licensed clinicians with several years experience that specialize in various treatment areas. We take a variety of insurance plans, with more being added all the time, and have several options available to clients for payments.

Our mission: “To offer a positive, empowering and life-enriching experience for our clients. We provide excellent service that helps our clients dramatically improve their happiness, relationships and life success.” At Thriveworks, we believe that everyone has the potential to grow–to thrive! Our practices offer premium-level counseling and life coaching services, including help for depression, anxiety, relationships and other life challenges.

Visit our website, where you can read bios and watch videos about our clinicians, as well as virtual tours and images of our office. Read our online reviews to see what people are saying about Thriveworks and our counselors. (You can find us on Facebook, too.)

It’s important to us to offer a comfortable and safe environment to all of our clients and encourage you to check out what we offer at our facility before you even arrive.

Some of the amenities we offer at Thriveworks include:

  • Appointments within 24 hours
  • Phones answered by live attendants
  • Direct access to your counselor via phone and email
  • Extended evening and weekend hours
  • Comfortable and well-appointed office environment in professional building
  • Personalized, premium care

Give us a call today at 616-425-2176 to schedule your appointment. We are looking forward to working with you!

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