Making Marriage Work

What divorce taught me about marriage: 4 people share how their divorce helped them understand what a healthy relationship is

Nobody gets married in anticipation of one day getting divorced—but the truth is this is often how the story ends. That said, while we often view divorce as a negative, there are positive outcomes of divorce such as the lessons we learn that benefit our future relationships. For example, divorce…

Is financial stress taking a toll on your marriage? Improve your relationship with your partner by improving your relationship with money

Money (and the financial stress that often accompanies it) can take a big toll on a marriage. In fact, one of the leading causes of divorce is finances. While it may be a heated topic, there are practical steps you can take to alleviate the stress money may be having…

Strengthen Your Marriage: 4 Tips from a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

All you need is love, right? Well, not quite. While undying love is essential to a happy, healthy marriage, every strong relationship also requires some hard work. Because life isn’t always easy—in fact, it can get pretty messy. That being said, there are proactive measures couples can take to keep…

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