The pros and cons of a starter marriage

Starter marriages are legal unions that only last a few years and produce no children. The term “starter” can seem insensitive, especially considering that young divorcees still suffer emotional and social consequences when their marriages end. The first year of marriage tends to challenge most couples–but so does the 4th…

How does divorce affect a child’s future relationships? How can it change their view of love?

Children can be affected by their parents’ divorce in different capacities, depending on the nature of divorce as well as the parents’ relationship post-divorce. That said, there are often harmful effects on children of divorce, as well as struggles in coping and important lessons learned. Regardless of the cause for…

What divorce taught me about marriage: 4 people share how their divorce helped them understand what a healthy relationship is

Nobody gets married in anticipation of one day getting divorced—but the truth is this is often how the story ends. That said, while we often view divorce as a negative, there are positive outcomes of divorce such as the lessons we learn that benefit our future relationships. For example, divorce…

Divorce recovery: You can heal properly by surrendering to the pain, forgiving, and focusing on self-care

Any breakup is hard, but divorce is especially difficult, as you have to say goodbye to the person you planned to spend forever with. Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands and recover: the three keys are giving in to the pain, forgiving yourself, and practicing self-care. Additionally, it’s…

How does divorce affect children? If parents aren’t careful, their child or teen might lose their sense of safety and security

Kids and teens are more susceptible to mental health problems because their brains are still developing. It’s important that they’re shown continuous love and support as they change physically, mentally, and emotionally. When parents divorce, this balance of love and support can get thrown off and negatively impact the kids….

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