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Causes of Depression

Election depression: Managing feelings of despair and hopelessness during and after the election

Election season is—and always has been—stressful. So stressful, in fact, that Couples Therapist Steven Stosny created the term “election stress disorder,” which describes a state of complete and utter stress caused by the election. Think: Smear campaigns on both sides of the political aisle, nonstop news alerts, social media feuds,…

Can You Feel Depressed After a Breakup? How Can You Feel Happy Again?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t take change or rejection well… which means you probably don’t take breakups so well. I mean, who does? Breakups—whether you’re the one who has initiated the split or not—aren’t fun. In fact, they’re the very opposite of fun: they’re emotionally, mentally, sometimes even…

What Constitutes An Unhealthy Lifestyle? Can An Unhealthy Lifestyle Lead to Depression?

Depression—a mental health disorder characterized by a depressed mood, which causes significant impairment in one’s everyday life—is the leading cause of disability worldwide, according to a recent study by the World Health Organization. This illness comes with crippling symptoms, from feelings of hopelessness to fatigue, irritability, and suicidal thoughts. Some…

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