When I’m overridden with anxiety, my instinct is to curl up into a ball and rock until my mind is relieved of the static. This, however, isn’t too effective—so I ignore my instinct and implement a different strategy instead. I force my feet into my shoes and then out the door. I escape the four walls that surround me, and I immerse myself in a different environment that promises to soothe my soul. And I encourage you to employ the same technique. Here are three places in Virginia Beach, VA that will serve as the perfect, soul-soothing escape for you:

1) American Brew


I never understood my dad’s insistence on a hot cup of joe each morning. He refused to do anything or go anywhere before sipping his one-cream, two-sugar coffee dry—said it was the only way to start his day. Except now that little girl who pinched her face in disgust is a coffee drinker herself. My dad was right, there’s something therapeutic about relaxing with the steaming, bitter liquid—especially in a coffee house like American Brew in Virginia Beach. This café offers a serene environment for enjoying that cup of coffee, reflecting on your thoughts, and finding your happy place. American Brew also offers delicious breakfast bowls, burritos, and sandwiches, as well as live music, which you can enjoy every Thursday night. Good vibes radiate from this place and they’ll prove to be contagious.

2) Repeal Bourbon & Burgers


Believe it or not, I didn’t discover the mouthwatering magic that is a good cheeseburger until just a few years ago. Growing up, I was a super picky eater who refused to try unfamiliar foods; I stuck to chicken tenders and peanut butter and jellies. But my friends in college took it upon themselves to change this, and they didn’t take no for an answer. Now, thanks to them, I am a lover of many foods, including a juicy cheeseburger with a side of fries—particularly from Repeal Bourbon and Burgers. This restaurant and bar is known in the Virginia Beach area for their delicious food, signature cocktails, and cozy environment, which is achieved through dim lighting and quaint style. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up—in the form of a soul-soothing meal, drink, or atmosphere—Repeal is the place to camp out.

3) Vinyl Daze Records


What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? This is a question posed by many, to many. And responses vary: my cell phone, Netflix, my dog, grilled cheese sandwiches… Now, if you ask me, the answer you’ll get is music. Music is the one thing (other than my loved ones, of course) that I can’t imagine living without: it entertains me on the way to work in the mornings; it gets me through my workouts; it serves as an outlet for expression; and it lifts me back up on the really bad days. Fortunately, I don’t have to go a day without music, and I take every opportunity to embrace its power—which means visiting Vinyl Daze Records on the regular. Vinyl Daze Records is home to new and used records alike. I’ve found that sifting through the rows and rows of vinyl is the quickest way to slow my racing mind and find my center again. And I bet that Vinyl Daze Records will serve as that oasis for you too.

Sometimes life throws us for a loop—and it’s not always easy to manage the anxiety or the stress that follows. While I’m confident that visiting the above places will help ease your mind, you should also consider paying a visit to Thriveworks in Virginia Beach, VA. We have a team of skilled mental health professionals just waiting to help you thrive in life. Make an appointment today for individual counseling, couples counseling, or life coaching by giving us a call at (757) 317-4315 or visiting our website.

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