Stress is an unequivocal part of life—there’s really no way to ensure we’re calm and happy and peaceful at all times. That would be too easy. However, there is a way to better manage the stress and anxiety we experience. In fact, there are multiple ways: spending time outside, engaging in physical activity, and channeling your inner artist are just a few scientifically-proven stress relievers. Capitalize on these techniques at the following places below, which will prove to be the perfect destinations for reclaiming peace and serenity:

1) Bull Run Regional Park

Recent research has revealed just how beneficial spending time in nature is: doing something as simple as walking around your neighborhood or exploring the woods behind your house can relieve you of anxiety, decrease stress, and improve your mood all at once! Now, imagine what spending a day in Bull Run Regional Park can do. This natural space offers the perfect place for plenty of outdoor activities and adventures, from camping to picnicking, hiking, running, swimming, and exploring. Escape your daily stressors by engaging in one or more of these activities with your loved ones or take this opportunity to embrace your solitude and find your center again. In either case, you’ll surely leave Bull Run Regional Park with newfound peace.

2) Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center

Another scientifically-proven stress reliever that we don’t always take advantage of is exercise! Physical activity—whether it be running, biking, swimming, rock-climbing, or yoga—offers your mind and your body some pretty awesome benefits. Not only does it reduce your risk of heart disease and keep your bones healthy, but it improves your brain health and makes you an overall happier person! That means Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center is the perfect place to sweat it out and relieve yourself of stress and anxiety. It offers one of the largest pools in Northern Virginia, over 160 fitness classes, camps, sports programs, and more. You’ll surely find a workout you enjoy here, which will prove to impact your mental and physical health for the better.

3) The Center for the Arts

Still feeling stressed out or ridden with anxiety? Visit the Center for the Arts of Greater Manassas/Prince William County. This center, which is located at the Old Hopkins Candy Factory, offers a variety of unique opportunities to immerse yourself in a creative environment, as it sponsors theatrical productions, hosts art classes and concerts, and houses a beautiful art gallery. So, make your way to the Center for the Arts and attend a show, take a class, or walk around the exhibits—regardless of the activity you choose, you’ll reap the many benefits of activating those creative juices and surrendering yourself to art. These benefits include a boost in self-esteem, stress relief, and advanced cognitive functioning—who can pass those up? You certainly shouldn’t. Don’t wait another second to take advantage of the power of art.

Another effective method for dealing with anxiety and managing stress is talking with a mental health professional. Thriveworks in Manassas has a skilled team of therapists, counselors, and life coaches ready to help you with these issues, as well as any other issue you may be facing. Take a proactive step in improving your overall wellbeing by seeking individual counseling, couples counseling, or life coaching. Call us at (571) 589-3907 or visit our website to book an appointment today.

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