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Are you feeling stressed? Spend 20 minutes outside. Researchers from the University of Michigan say it can help.

The team asked participants to spend 10 minutes or more outside, at least 3 times a week for 8 weeks. Participants chose what time of day and where, but were instructed to avoid looking at their phones, talking with others, engaging in aerobic exercise, and reading.

Researchers found that sitting or walking outside for just 20 minutes was enough to lower stress levels. And 20-30 minutes led to the greatest stress reduction.

This study demonstrates the mental health benefits of immersing yourself in nature even for a short period of time.


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Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett is Senior Writer and Editor at Thriveworks. She devotes herself to distributing important information about mental health and wellbeing, writing mental health news and self-improvement tips daily. Taylor received her bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism, with minors in professional writing and leadership from Virginia Tech. She is a co-author of Leaving Depression Behind: An Interactive, Choose Your Path Book and has published content on Thought Catalog, Odyssey, and The Traveling Parent.

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