Perhaps the most stressful part of the holidays: brainstorming gifts for your loved ones. You pester them for weeks about what they want, but they fail to give you any good ideas; instead, they insist they don’t need a thing. Which you match with an eye roll and a sigh, of course, and then you’re back to square one. This is how it typically goes—but not this year. Skip all of that nonsense and show how much you care by investing in your loved one’s mental health. Here are 12 gifts that will benefit their mental health and earn you the title of best gift-giver:

1) A Journal

Journals are popular among young kids and teens, but they’re also increasing in popularity among adults! Journaling doesn’t have to equal pages and pages of writing a night—instead, it should serve as an outlet for therapy and creativity, whenever one wishes or needs. Taking a pen to paper has proven to help individuals manage stress, decrease anxiety, and better understand their emotions.

2) Their favorite record

Just like a ton of other retro trends, records are making a comeback! Which means a record of your loved one’s favorite album or artist just might be the perfect gift for them (as long as they have a record player, of course). This is a creative way to give the gift of music, which can elevate one’s mood, provide a boost of motivation, and even serve as a form of therapy.

3) Gift an experience you can enjoy with a loved one.

Exercise is an important part of life; not only does it benefit one’s physical health but their mental health as well! A few of these benefits include increased feelings of happiness, better sleep quality, and less stress. So consider paying for the first couple months of a gym membership, or a few yoga classes—it’ll give your loved one the motivation to exercise and, in turn, benefit them greatly!

4) An aesthetically-pleasing planner

It’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially during the holiday season. Get your loved one an agenda, so they can better manage their life and begin the new year in control! There are a ton of cool ones out there these days, so choose wisely.

5) A getaway trip

Get some others together and pitch in on a getaway trip for your loved one—you’re not simply buying a ticket or booking a hotel, you’re giving them a much-needed and deserved vacation and everlasting memories to go with it. Their mere anticipation of the trip will do some good for their mental health, as will the actual time off.

6) A cute, loving pup

Give your loved one the best gift of all: a Christmas puppy! Not only do dogs provide love, support, and companionship, but they work wonders for our health. Simply petting or spending time with your pup can reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, and force you to be more active. So, as long as your loved one is ready for the responsibility, this could make for the best (and most beneficial) present!

7) The comfiest pillow they’ve ever owned

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important, but unfortunately, most of us don’t get the recommended amount. Get your loved one a super soft, comfortable pillow that will inspire them to hop into bed a little earlier! It could help them get a sufficient amount of sleep, which will, in turn, keep their mental and physical health in check.

8) A quirky coffee mug

Coffee: the soul-quenching liquid that we just can’t live without. Force your loved ones to love it even more by gifting them a quirky coffee mug to drink it out of! It could have a funny character on it, an inspirational quote, or even a picture of you—whatever gets the job done. This’ll ensure that they continue drinking that morning cup of joe and reap the many health benefits that come with it.

9) An arts & crafts project

Like music, art can serve as therapy and have an incredible impact on our mental health. So, consider getting your loved one a crafty project to work on: get some inspiration from Pinterest or even just gift them an abstract coloring book. Either way, this present will help them blow off some steam, express themselves, and stimulate their brain.

10) Their favorite funny movie

Laughter is the best medicine for the soul—so consider getting your loved one a copy of their favorite comedy: Bridesmaids? Anchorman? Whatever it may be, it’ll be the perfect gift because it’ll provide a lot of laughs and smiles for days, even years to come.

11) A meal kit subscription

Does your loved one like to cook? If the answer is yes, then a meal kit subscription may be the ticket! These kits, like Blue Apron for example, are most often healthy meals that always use fresh ingredients. So not only will they be fun and convenient to make, but it’ll support a healthy diet and, in turn, a healthy mind.

12) A fun outing with you

Another opportunity to gift a fun experience! Accompany your loved one to the spa, a concert, or the movie theater for their Christmas gift. You’ll both enjoy the time together and reap the many benefits that come with socializing.