Thriveworks National Awards 2019

Thriveworks National Awards 2019

Overview: This awards program was created to recognize outstanding achievement and honor Thriveworks clinical team members (clinicians) who have excelled in a specific area. There can be up to 7 recipients in each category. Recipients are announced on November 1.

Nomination: One must be nominated by a supervisor, co-worker, or one may self-nominate. A nomination should include a written description detailing why the nominated team member should be selected for this particular award. If there are materials (news reports, journal articles, etc.) that you feel help support the nominee’s achievements, please include a copy of them.

To nominate, kindly complete the online form [NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR 2019]. All nominations must be received by September 1.

Recipients: Recipients will be acknowledged in a company-wide announcement. In addition, they will be presented a physical award, along with a purse of $250 (if funded by their local management).

2018 Awards

Thriveworks Professional Development Award
Recognizes a clinical team member who has developed specific techniques, or has implemented programs or systems that have benefited clients at Thriveworks counseling centers. Special consideration for a nominee who is doing something that expands the value Thriveworks offers to clients.

Thriveworks Award of Excellence with Special Populations
Recognizes outstanding work serving a population with unique needs. Emphasis on bringing new learnings to the Thriveworks community at large. Special consideration for a nominee who has completed a specialized/advances training or certification.

Thriveworks Spirit Award
Recognizes someone who embodies Thriveworks’ mission, core values, and who and shares Thriveworks’ spirit with persons both within the organization and in their community at large. Special consideration for nominations that address how the nominee demonstrates every Thriveworks core value.

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