Be Proactive—Help Hurricane Irma Victims Now

Hurricane Harvey was unrelenting—its intensity shocked meteorologists and left thousands displaced from their homes and their families. Now, as Texas is just beginning cleanup and restoration efforts, another hurricane is rolling in and threatening to ambush yet another US state: Florida. Hurricane Irma, which means war goddess in German (yikes),…

“Schools for Hope” Program Teaches Hope, Reduces Anxiety, and Improves Emotional Regulation Among Children

According to PRWeb, the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred) has created and initiated a program called “Schools for Hope”, which proves to help students understand and adapt hope, as well as better handle their emotions, and decrease anxiety among them. This program was developed by a…

People Helping Pets During Hurricane Harvey

Time put together this amazing montage of Houston pet owners and rescuers working together after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston over the weekend, leaving the city waterlogged and roadways flooded, to shuttle animals stranded by the storm to dry shelter alongside their human counterparts. So many amazing random acts of human…

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