Hurricane Harvey was unrelenting—its intensity shocked meteorologists and left thousands displaced from their homes and their families. Now, as Texas is just beginning cleanup and restoration efforts, another hurricane is rolling in and threatening to ambush yet another US state: Florida. Hurricane Irma, which means war goddess in German (yikes), is fast-approaching and expected to hit the sunshine state later this weekend. After underestimating the power of Harvey and watching it devastate Houston, people are doing everything they can now to brace themselves for whatever destruction Irma may cause. And it’s not just the threatened victims acting now—charities are already raising money to help the soon-to-be victims of the storm. Because if there’s one thing we learned from Hurricane Harvey, it’s that you can never be too prepared. So, while your thoughts and prayers are certainly appreciated, consider taking it one step farther by acting, and donate to one of the following charities that have pledged to help:

1) Save the Children.

According to their website, this organization “believes every child deserves a future.” They pledge to help not only children in the United States, but in 120 countries overall, live a healthy, safe life. The organization is currently working to ensure the futures of these kids whom will be affected by Hurricane Irma and could use your help in doing so. Your donations (which can be made here) will go toward helping Save the Children relief experts prepare to respond to the many needs the hurricane’s destruction may prompt.

2) British Red Cross.

American Red Cross has received some criticism and backlash concerning their dedication to specific relief efforts. So, if you’re feeling a little iffy about these claims, you can donate to British Red Cross instead. This charity already has volunteers stationed in every country reported to be in Hurricane Irma’s path. Volunteers have helped communities prepare for the storm by collecting relief supplies, begun recovering people from the wreckage in affected areas, and are now offering victims food, water and, shelter. While you may wish to donate specific supplies, disaster response officer for British Red Cross, David Foster, said that cash donations are most helpful; this way, a given charity can use the money to provide the most useful supplies possible. Consider donating here now.

3) Heart to Heart International.

This organization recognized the serious threat of Hurricane Irma and has already started placing disaster response teams, medical teams, vehicles, and supplies in Haiti and Florida. Any help they receive is appreciated, as you can simply text IRMA to 41444 to donate, or visit this website to send along your proactive contribution.

4) World Vision.

World Vision is a “global Christian humanitarian organization.” But you don’t have to be religious to support their efforts, as they simply seek to help “children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.” The organization currently has people on the ground in Haiti and the Dominican Republic working to help survivors and provide them with necessities and is also preparing to help the people of Florida. You can help by donating to the disaster relief, which will use your contribution to help provide this urgent relief.

5) Global Giving.

Global Giving has set a goal to raise $2,000,000 for Hurricane Irma relief efforts. While this seems like a rather large amount, it’s not compared to the estimated damage caused by Harvey: over $150 billion. So far, the organization has reached $12,300. You can help them achieve their goal right now by donating and, in turn, help the thousands of individuals that will be severely affected by Irma.