You might find your friend’s Instagram posts about it being National Puppy Day or National Sibling Day a tad annoying—because it feels as if every single day is becoming a strange holiday. Well, you’re right! But is that such a bad thing? Celebrating is fun. Whether it’s putting up the tree for Christmas, dressing up for Halloween, or simply posting a picture to honor the given day and someone you love. So instead of rolling your eyes at the crazy holidays that keep popping up on your social media feeds, embrace it and join in on the festivities…today! It’s the perfect time to jump right in because there’re a whopping 11 National Holidays you can celebrate today, September 15! But I’m just going to tell you about the ones that really deserve your attention—see what you should be celebrating and how you can honor these holidays below:

1. National Cheese Toast Day

What a great excuse to indulge in two of humanity’s biggest blessings: cheese and bread. Cheese toast is simply a piece of bread, spread with butter and cheese, toasted until a nice golden brown. If that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, it’s important to note that from this creation came another, more genius invention: grilled cheeses. So, give your thanks and celebrate! Simply go make yourself a nice piece of cheese toast.

2. National Tackle Kids Cancer Day

Every day is a good day to help find a cure for cancer—but with only 4% of federal cancer dollars going to pediatric cancer research, today’s the day to focus on raising money for the kids. You can do your part by raising awareness as well as money for the cause, which may be donated to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

3. National Linguine Day

*Calling all pasta lovers!* Good news—you get to pair your cheese toast with some fine linguine pasta. Linguine is considered by experts to be a more delicate pasta and therefore is recommended to be paired with thinner, lighter sauces. So, take the pros’ advice and go easy or go off the beaten path and make a richer, creamier sauce. But whatever you do—make sure the noodles are linguine. The pasta deserves your respect on its own holiday!

4. National Online Learning Day

September 15 celebrates another great cause: online learning. While getting an education is a huge accomplishment in itself, today is for recognizing the creation of online classes and dedication of online students. Some lifestyles just don’t allow for an individual to make it to the classroom everyday; so thankfully, online learning is there to help these people still receive an education and go on to achieve greater successes. To celebrate, go wander the web (trustworthy sources of course) and learn something you didn’t know before!

5. National Double Cheeseburger Day

I know—you didn’t think you would be granted ANOTHER excuse to spoil yourself with more yummy food today. But here we are! Honor today by going to your local McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Red Robin—heck, go anywhere that serves cheeseburgers—and ask for a double. And don’t forget the side of fries! You can’t eat a burger without the fries.

6. National Hug Your Boss Day

Let’s cut right to the chase: work can be demanding and stressful a lot of the time. You, your coworkers, and your boss all know it. So, let’s come together on this day and make the mood a little lighter…by giving our bosses a great big hug! They deserve to be appreciated and what better way is there to show this appreciation but with a hug? They might give you a weird look at first, but trust me—they’ll feel good on the inside. And they won’t think you’re a big weirdo after you tell them it’s National Hug Your Boss Day.

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