Time management is an essential skill for all of us, particularly for those with much to do. We only have 24 hours in a day, after all. 

There are times when you find yourself with a long to-do list wondering how you will get through all the tasks on the list. Excellent time management is how you can conquer a great to-do list. The following are helpful time management tips to help you finish a lengthy to-do list:

1) Plan your time wisely.

If you have a long to-do list, you should create a plan of how you want to do the tasks. Start in the morning and estimate how long it would take you to complete the tasks on the list.

Assign each task a reasonable timeframe and a margin of error. Put similar tasks together or those you can accomplish close to each other; for example, clearing clutter and cleaning are easy to do together.

A plan will give you an idea of how the day will proceed and how you should manage your time. If you follow through on a good plan, you should finish a long to-do list. 

2) Use the Eisenhower Matrix to pinpoint what to do next.

Establishing priorities is an effective time management tip that has been used for ages. You need to know what needs to be done first before moving on to other tasks on the to-do list.

One of the best time management techniques is the Eisenhower Matrix which will help you prioritize your tasks.

You will create a quadrant with four squares on the top labeled urgent and not urgent. To the side, it will be labeled” important” and “not important.” It will result in four quadrants, namely

  • Important and Urgent
  • Important and not urgent
  • Urgent but not important 
  • Not urgent and not important

You can then organize your to-do list tasks into four categories. The important and urgent tasks receive priority over other tasks. You can then decide whether to do the important but not urgent tasks or urgent but not important tasks first.

The not urgent and not important tasks receive the least priority. The Eisenhower matrix allows you to also say no to tasks that might stop you from completing the to-do list. 

3) Stay away from procrastination.

Now that you have a plan and know what to do next, the most critical step is to start, do not wait. We have all fallen prey to procrastination at one point or another, so we know what a time-waster it is.

However, procrastination is your biggest enemy if you want to complete a long to-do list. You know what to do so start as soon as possible!

One tip could be to have a reward system for completing tasks on time. Taking pride in accomplishing your goals will help with procrastination but might require a significant mindset change. 

4) Avoid distractions.

Being distracted can make you procrastinate or even not finish tasks on the to-do list. Even when you have a long to-do list, it can be pretty easy to be distracted as we have no limit on those today.

You need to be laser-focused on accomplishing your goals. If there are any distractions available, either walk away from them or remove them from your vicinity.

For example, do not turn on your TV if you have to clean your house or don’t have friends over if you have to submit a work report.  

5) Delegate.

The most productive and most efficient time managers on the planet know how to delegate. That is why they get paid so much. Kidding aside, if there are tasks on your to-do list that you can have someone else do, it will be immensely helpful in finishing your to-do list.

On the Eisenhower matrix, these will include the tasks that are not important but urgent plus not important and not urgent. You should especially delegate tasks that require a low skill level or will cost you little to delegate.

It will free up space to focus on tasks that require your expertise and focus. You will still have to check on the work to ensure it is done correctly. However, the time savings should be enormous, allowing you to finish your lengthy to-do list quickly.

6) Take breaks.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, you should take breaks and rest more if you want to do more. Your natural inclination will be to power through all the tasks on your to-do list and finish them as quickly as possible.

However, doing so will make you tired and slow you down past a certain point, making completing your to-do list quite challenging. Moreover, you are bound to do the tasks haphazardly, meaning you have to redo them.

Therefore, you should take breaks as often as possible to reset and approach the other tasks with renewed energy ensuring that you do a good job. You will also be more focused, meaning you will most likely be more time-efficient. 

7) Don’t aim for perfection.

If you are trying to accomplish many tasks on a to-do list, perfection is not your friend; it is your enemy. Not to say that you should only do the bare minimum; you should be thorough but only as much as time allows it.

Don’t try to be perfect, or else you will spend too much time on a single task. Please do not fuss over unimportant details as they will only slow you down. Focus on what is essential, and if that is accomplished, you should move on to another task.

If you’re a perfectionist, this is much easier said than done. However, it is necessary if you want to be a better time manager and finish your long to-do list. 

Managing time effectively is a skill that takes a lifetime to master. If you have a long to-do list to complete, you need to manage your time effectively, and the above tips will help you. Use them to your benefit and find others that apply specifically to your case, too.

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