personality disorders

Understanding and overcoming personality disorders through therapy

Personality disorders can be multi-faceted, highly-individualized conditions that affect each person uniquely. But at Thriveworks, we understand this complexity— and that’s why we believe in the pivotal role that personality disorder therapy plays in treatment. Our specialized therapists offer tailored and compassionate interventions, aiming to support individuals in navigating these…

Personality disorders: A detailed guide for understanding and managing personality disorders

We all have distinct personalities — a combination of characteristics that make us, us. Funny, empathetic, agreeable, adventurous, charismatic, curious, dramatic, innovative, etc. Some of us, though, have personality disorders, which mean our thoughts and behaviors don’t align with what’s considered “normal.”  This comprehensive guide answers the most frequently asked…

How to say no to someone with borderline personality disorder: Learn to navigate conflicts while still offering support

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a condition which can make trusting other people and establishing lasting relationships extremely difficult. This can make coping with BPD in relationships frustrating for the person carrying the diagnosis, as well as for a loved one who is often trying to understand and be supportive….

Dependent personality disorder (DPD): Signs, symptoms, treatment, and more

Personality disorders are characterized by problematic thought and behavioral patterns. Sometimes, these thoughts and behaviors appear odd or eccentric – at others, they’re dramatic and unpredictable. But with dependent personality disorder, and other cluster C personality disorders, they’re rooted in anxiety and fear.  Let’s learn more about what dependent personality…

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