Women’s History Month: Honoring 5 famous female psychologists of the 20th century

Female psychologists have played a major role in key areas of modern psychology. From discovering defense mechanisms to attachment styles, and even laying the framework for contemporary child therapy practices, female psychologists have been doing the most—for over 100 years.  A few of the most notable female psychologists of the…

Group therapy with biased America: The psychology behind racial prejudice

You can’t celebrate Black History Month without confronting racism in America. Individual factors like personality, in-group bias, insecurity, and fear can fuel racial prejudice. But racism is about more than psychology; it’s about society. To achieve equality, people need to tackle structural racism as well as personal prejudice.  White people…

Jane Elliot’s famous classroom experiment: How eye color helped her students to understand the effects of discrimination

In an effort to demonstrate the effects of discrimination, third-grade teacher Jane Elliott separated her students into two groups: blue eyes and brown eyes. First, the students with brown eyes were told that they were superior and given privileges like extra time at recess and seconds at lunch. Elliott observed…

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