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Are you feeling like a fraud? Signs of imposter syndrome and how to overcome it 

We’ve all felt a little out of place before: Plenty of life events and transitions can leave us feeling uncomfortable and unprepared. Even when we’ve done the hard work and our efforts have been recognized, there are sometimes lingering feelings of inadequacy, an undercurrent that whispers, “You’re a fraud.” For…

Binge drinking is dropping significantly among college students in states where marijuana is legalized

A new study says binge drinking rates among college students are dropping significantly in states where marijuana is legalized. Researchers looked at data from seven different states and 135 colleges where marijuana was legalized by the year 2018 as well as 41 states and 454 colleges where recreational marijuana use…

Mental health and illness statistics among college students: Stress, depression, anxiety, and effect on academic performance

College can prove difficult for many different reasons: the most obvious is the stress and strain that come with performing well academically. But there are other stressors that prove significant. The stress that comes with balancing schoolwork combined with the stress of fulfilling other responsibilities and catering to one’s personal…

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