Starve the Ego, Feed Your Soul Plan

What do you mean, “Starve the ego, feed my soul?” We’re not talking psychoanalytic Freudian “ego” here. Just using the term generally. Over-indulging in worldly, ultimately meaningless, self-serving, or negative things in this life include anger, bitterness, defensiveness, stubbornness, selfishness, pain, resent, lust. Focusing on such things may bring a sense of relief, empowerment, control, calm. But ultimately this starves out our inner most being—our soul.

So instead, flip it. Choose to starve out the ego—let it grow weaker to the point that your soul becomes the focus and your strength. Inner peace can then exist regardless of what is going on around you, regardless of how others treat you. You are no longer dependent upon others or material things to bring about happiness, peace, or acceptance—because you’ve strengthened that on your own.

Starve the Ego Feed the Soul Plan of Action

When we act in a way that is focused first on serving ourselves to the point it is at the expense of others, pure joy cannot live within us.

The Challenge

Research shows that to truly form a new habit/behavior/tendency, it takes between 18-220 days depending on the person and the specifics. On average, about 65 days will help to set a new “norm.” So for 2 straight months, deliberate daily actions will take place to Starve the ego, feed the soul!

Have A Plan And Get Organized

  1. Write down some notes on your ideas for the next 2 months
  2. Set goals and expectations (do you want to focus on changing a specific ego-driven trait such as being too materialistic or judgmental? Or just want to do a daily search for being more altruistic?)
  3. Think about what you’d like to improve upon about your personality, tendencies, reactions to others, bad habits, behaviors, etc.
  4. Reminders (write on a calendar, set alarm on your phone, work computer alerts, etc.)
  5. Decide where you will document/log your days’ ego starving efforts

Establish Accountability

  1. Get a friend/family member to join you for the challenge
  2. Participate in sharing your experience with others(Twitter: @natoshakm11 or @DocPorterOT or Facebook: Natosha K. Monroe, MA, LPC-Intern)

Some Examples

Join us today and get started on the Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul Plan!

-Day 3: Today I found myself wanting to buy a new designer purse. It occurred to me as I waited in line that I did not need that purse. I felt embarrassed telling the sales person never mind. But I did it. It was harder to do than I expected—a stupid purse should not have that much control over me! But I walked out of Nordstrom’s feeling stronger.

-Day 10 Today my boyfriend didn’t text me all day long. Finally at 9pm I get a text. I noticed myself wanting to ignore his text and not tell him goodnight back. But instead, I texted him a nice goodnight text. If my motivation is “payback” then I shouldn’t react that way to him.

-Day 30: I noticed myself criticizing my son today. Why do I do that? It reminded me of how my dad used to critique my every move when it came to academics. It made me question myself and feel like he didn’t care. I don’t want my son feeling that way. I stopped mid-sentence and apologized to him, then focused on the good grades he’s been getting.

-Day 42: Today a car behind mine honked at me because I didn’t take off fast enough once the light turned green. I was tempted to go extra slow to retaliate, but then resisted that and did not react negatively.

Join the Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul Challenge Today!

Together we can accomplish great things!

We welcome you to join us on this spiritual journey and we would love to be updated about your progress as we embark on the next 30 days together. Please feel free to journal your thoughts and discoveries using the comments area below with the community!

Join the Starve the Ego Feed the Soul Challenge today and let’s go on a journey to discover the greatness that lies within us together.

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