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Hi, my name is Shontel Cargill and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Thriveworks. And so the question that was asked was, “How do I pursue a relationship during COVID-19?”

I think that this is a pretty awesome question. I believe that it is important to check in with yourself prior to pursuing a new relationship during COVID-19. I know that this pandemic has emotionally impacted many of us and we have to be mindful in making sure that we feel balanced first before stepping into that new space. And so remember, you cannot give with an empty cup.

And so if you feel that you are single and ready to mingle, here are some ideas of how to meet new people in hopes of transitioning into a future healthy relationship. So meeting new people. So there are several ways in which you can meet new people during COVID-19. This includes virtual parties, virtual networking events. There are also online groups that you can join.

Online dating. So online dating is not a new phenomenon, but I really do believe that the usage has been increased since COVID-19. I think that dating online affords you the opportunity to meet new people, get to know new people while also remaining socially distant.

Virtual dates. Virtual dates are also becoming very popular during this time. I think that virtual dates are a way to communicate and learn more about the person you were interested in and it’s a safe way to create connections during this time. And so some ideas for virtual dates are taking virtual tourism museums doing a virtual escape room, watching a movie together via Netflix party, you know, having dinner together via zoom or other video conferencing platforms, even playing an online game.

Old school phone call. And so phone calls are considered an oldie but goodie way of communicating with someone new. And I believe that speaking with someone gives you the opportunity to really get to know them. You know, learn more about their likes, hobbies, love languages, and other things that they’re interested in.

And so I really hope that these tips are helpful in your journey of pursuing a new relationship. And remember, we are always here to help you. Thank you so much for listening and please be well.