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Hi, my name is Shontel Cargill and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Thriveworks. And so I have another amazing question and the question is, “How can I find my purpose in life during COVID-19?”

I think that this is a phenomenal question. COVID-19 has changed our lives in a way that impacts how we interact with each other. You know, in some cases changed our workplaces and it’s even emotionally impacted us. And so let’s explore ways in which we can still find a purpose during these uncertain times.

And so first I believe that one must discover what it means to have purpose in their life. You know, how do you define purpose? Does having a sense of purpose involve your career? Maybe having a family or giving back to others? I believe that all of these things can contribute to making your life meaningful.

And it’s important to note here that you know, finding your purpose does not happen overnight. It is a lifelong journey of self-reflection, self-discovery, patience and support from others, self-care. I am an advocate of self-care. I believe it’s important to take care of ourselves, have balance, and give ourselves grace, especially during this pandemic.

I also believe that, you know, we have to give ourselves pause and I think that’s a great time to think about what we truly want for our lives. You know what we love to do, what we’re passionate about, how we want to make an impact in this world. And so I believe that, you know, writing down your dreams and your goals and creating a plan is a great way of, you know, finding your purpose and pursuing it one step at a time. Again, finding your purpose is a marathon, not a sprint.

Having a support system, having a solid support system is a great way to help confirm your purpose. You know, having that support system allows for you to have a sounding board, being able to bounce ideas off of your friends and family and those you consider a support system for you and being able to receive that positive feedback from them. And so it truly takes a village. And your village can be your friends, your family, your therapist, or others that you consider to be in your circle.

Spiritual support. I believe that faith, prayer, meditation, all of these are great ways to really find and walk in your purpose. You know, finding your purpose feels like a spiritual journey. And so sitting yourself around those values allows for you to explore you know, what your calling is, what brings meaning to your life, and what your virtues are in your life. And so spirituality is an integral part of self-discovery and it helps you to focus on what you really want for your life.

And finally, you know, giving back. I believe that philanthropy is an amazing way to find your purpose. I believe that acts of altruism is, you know, a great way to walk in your purpose while also being able to positively impact others. And so making a difference in others’ lives gives you a sense of contributing to the greater good and to humanity.

And so I hope that these tips were helpful in your journey of finding your purpose, especially during these difficult times. And as always, you know, we are here at Thriveworks to help you explore that journey of finding your purpose, whatever that looks like for you. So again, thank you so much for listening and please be well.