A lot has changed in recent weeks. Due to the emergence and spread of COVID-19, many of us have had to adjust to a new normal, one that involves staying home at all costs (except to go to the grocery store or pharmacy). This has led to other changes too, including your insurance coverage.  

We’ve been talking with insurance companies across the US to learn which are expanding their policies to cover online counseling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And we have good news! Most companies now cover some form of online counseling, be it video counseling, telephone counseling, or both. Additionally, many are also waiving copays for online counseling. 

We put all of the information we have gathered into one simple chart, so that you can easily determine whether your insurance covers online counseling by video or phone (or both) and if they are waiving copays for online counseling. Just locate your insurance below:

Insurance providers are announcing updates regarding online counseling coverage weekly. Have new information to share with us? Help us grow and update our chart by leaving a comment below!