You can create every day to be just about what you intend it to be. Yes it takes effort. Yes it will be hard sometimes. Yes it will challenge your old beliefs. Say YES anyway! It will be worth it. Imagine feeling excited about getting up in the morning and accomplishing your goals, because you believe that strongly about your mission and passion.

The first challenge is writing your goals. The writing part is simple. It’s getting out of your head, and out of your “what if’s” and “not good enough’s” in order to get them on paper without judgement or doubt. Sit down and put on paper 15 goals that you want to achieve. Don’t think to hard, just write. Write in the first person, present tense and with a by when date – I am earning $500,000 by January 1, 2018.

Choose your top three goals and determine why they are important to you. Write it down. What will your life be like when you reach these goals? How will things be different? We must, must connect to our goals emotionally, otherwise they are simply words on paper. Imagine each goal as if it’s right now. Close your eyes, see it, feel it.

Here comes the action! Get ready, you can do this! Every single day matters. When you set a goal and expect it to happen, what steps are you taking to get there? Through The Practice by Patricia Moreno I now start my day, every day, with morning meditation and writing my goals every day. When writing your goals and taking daily action steps, you’re imprinting the brain with this new reality, new belief. It becomes real.

How important are your goals? How important are you? In the book “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” by Joe Dispenza Dr. Dispenza states that you have to make your goals, your life more important than sleeping in, more important than that morning coffee, more important than that tv show. Your life and how you want to live it has to matter to you the most.

Remember, change takes time and building a fabulous life is worth every small step. I am beginning my month 5 of The Practice and I now crave that morning meditation. The time I give myself, it’s a gift. It’s not always easy, sometimes I’m very tired, but I am worth it!

Let’s give it a go! Here are your steps to success:

  1. Write down your 15 goals in the present tense and by when, then choose your top 3
  2. Write why they are important, why they matter
  3. See each goal as if it is right now, feel it, own it, it’s yours if you want it
  4. Take daily action steps each day toward that goal. Write 6 actions each day and do them before anything else
  5. COMMIT: nothing will change unless you make the commitment to change
  6. Have fun, you’re worth it!