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Suicide Awareness

If you have suicidal thoughts, get professional help immediately—also, open up to loved ones, acknowledge difficult feelings, and ground yourself

Suicide is a global crisis, as it is a leading cause of death worldwide among all ages every single year. If you’re feeling suicidal, your first course of action should be to seek professional help right away; call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline or find a medical/mental health provider to talk…

Are you worried that your child or teen is suicidal? A mental health professional offers actionable tips for getting them the help they need

If your teen confides in you about suicidal thoughts or feelings, validate their emotional pain, show that you take them seriously, and ask them important (yet non-threatening) questions about it. You should also assure them that you’re on their side—let them know you support them and you’ll make it through…

How can you tell if someone close to you might be suicidal? Educate yourself on the warning signs of suicidal behavior (Updated)

Suicide is more common than a lot of us realize—which makes it incredibly important for us to understand the warning signs and look out for those around us. Two common warning signs are hopelessness and withdrawal: individuals may feel extremely hopeless about their future or withdraw from everyday life. Individuals…

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