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Sleep Disturbances

Online Counseling Question: Why am I having strange dreams amid Coronavirus outbreak? (Video)

Click here to schedule online counseling at Thriveworks. Hi, my name is Emily Simonian and I’m a licensed clinician at Thriveworks in Washington DC. The question that was asked was, “Why am I having strange dreams during covid?” And that’s a great question because since the Coronavirus outbreak, I’m sure a lot…

Apnea leads to amnesia? People with sleep apnea suffer profound memory problems (Video)

Persons with untreated sleep apnea are prone to forget important details about their pasts. Researchers at RMIT University compared 44 adults with untreated sleep apnea to 44 healthy individuals. They assessed each participant’s recall of memories from different stages of life. Results showed that those with sleep apnea remembered significantly…

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