Sleep Disturbances

Syncing your body with sunlight: How to undo chronodisruption this fall and winter

Chronobiologists study how bodies can fall out of sync with the natural world’s circadian rhythms, a phenomenon called chronodisruption. Modern humans experience chronodisruption on a massive scale, thanks to artificial light pollution, social jet lag, late-night electronics, and other factors.  This misalignment of natural cues can have adverse consequences for…

Online Counseling Question: Why am I having strange dreams amid Coronavirus outbreak? (Video)

Click here to schedule online counseling at Thriveworks. Hi, my name is Emily Simonian and I’m a licensed clinician at Thriveworks in Washington DC. The question that was asked was, “Why am I having strange dreams during covid?” And that’s a great question because since the Coronavirus outbreak, I’m sure a lot…

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