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Why We Prefer our Superheroes Darker, Angrier

DC Comics are joining forces once again as Justice League hits theaters nationwide this Friday, and this begs the question, why do we seem to prefer our superheroes darker, angrier? DC movies have been notoriously darker than their Marvel counterparts over the years, and while they haven’t been as critically-acclaimed,…

Clinical Psychologist Diagnoses The Incredible Hulk!

*DSM-5 Diagnosis * 312.34 (F63.81) Intermittent Explosive Disorder with underlying Anti-social Personality Disorder Features, *Rule out possible Exhibitionism paraphilia* and *Psychopathy (Sociopathy)* Purpose of Evaluation Mr. Hulk is undergoing psychological evaluation for the purposes of placement and treatment planning within the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) after he was found sleeping…

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