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Am I enabling my spouse’s drug addiction? Here’s what you can do to stop facilitating your partner’s dependence on drugs and start putting yourself first

Addiction doesn’t just change the individual suffering with the disease, but their loved ones—especially their chosen life partner. If your spouse is struggling with addiction, you must choose your actions carefully: it’s easy to confuse helpful and unhelpful interventions. First, don’t try to “make things easier” on your spouse—this can…

Common Counseling Challenges for African-Americans

Stigmas surrounding mental health exist in all groups and societies, but are particularly prevalent in the African-American community—making the concept of therapy or counseling a foreign one, at best. Some individuals simply don’t understand the practice, while others frown down upon it… leaving those in the community who struggle with…

3 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Addiction

Alcoholics and drug addicts are stigmatized and negatively portrayed by the media all the time. Common stereotypes of addicts include being poor or low-income, coming from a broken family, or having suffered a major tragedy. However, addiction does not discriminate. It affects Hollywood stars, Wall Street bankers, parents, and even…

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