The end of summer’s slowly approaching, but early fall and its temperature dips, heavy rain, and gusts of wind aren’t a reason to ditch healthy habits over lack of discipline and interest in your own wellbeing. Instead of swapping nutrient-dense for starchy and sugary foods and waving goodbye to regular gym workouts come first chilly days of fall, you should tweak your lifestyle to keep your body and mind in peak shape.

Not sure how to achieve that? Here, help yourself to these five simple tricks and seamlessly transition healthy summer habits into fall.

1. Workouts for Vigor

The fact that your stunning beach body will soon be snowed under heavy clothes doesn’t mean regular training can go off the agenda. To stay fit and strong in the wake of fall, swap swimming for cycling or jogging and replace outdoor workouts with trips to the gym or a yoga or aerobics class.

For best effects, move workouts to the morning: it’ll rev up your internal engines, jump-start your metabolism, and help you stay in peak physical and mental shape all through autumn and winter. It’d also be a smart move to increase your training time or put your workout routine on shuffle as to maximize muscle mass, promote calorie burn, and flush stress and toxins out of your system at the same time.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Fall is a time when the scope of daily work tends to increase both at work and at home, but this doesn’t mean you can use lack of time as an excuse to go skipping breakfast. To start a busy day and set metabolic rate on the right track, treat yourself to a light breakfast centered on whole grains, fruit, and other natural sources of complex carbs. For a neat bonus, proper breakfast will keep midday cravings at bay and stave off hunger until lunchtime.

If you’re struggling to meet your micronutrient RDA, you can always add a multivitamin and mineral complex to your plate, and in case digestive hitches are a daily plague for you, give UDO’s probiotics a go: after all, your good health begins in the gut.

3. Hydrated as a Seal

Water makes up for 50-65 percent of your body and it’s also essential for seamless cognitive and physical function. To keep your mental wheels running smoothly and prevent energy dips during the day, strive to get in at least eight glasses of water a day. Even though you’ll be sweating less without summer heats in the mix, you should time your water intake throughout the day to stay safe from dehydration, skin aging, mood swings, and weight gain.

Ideally, you should drink small ratios of water and organic juices at regular intervals of the day, and it’d also be a smart move to reduce your coffee intake to avoid unwarranted loss of H2O. For optimal hydration, it’d be ideal to add H2O-rich mood-boosting foods to your diet.

4. Organic Labels Rock

Fall is a time when your body will need a little extra tender, love, and care to stay gorgeous, so you may want to consider brushing up your beauty routine as the end of summer starts to draw closer.

For a start, you can swap synthetic-based for organic personal care products to keep the signs of skin aging at bay for a few years longer. On top of that, you can switch to clean eating to get the most out of your diet and ensure lasting health for yourself and your family. To minimize food expenses, buy your staples at the local farmers’ market and make meals yourself. To take your all-natural lifestyle to the top, you can also upgrade your wardrobe with handpicked items crafted from 100% organic fabrics.

5. The Great Outdoors

Temperature dips and shifty weather are only normal for early fall, but your body and mind will still need a daily dose of sun. Walks in nature and engaging in other forms of outdoor recreation will top up Vitamin D stock and treat your lungs to a precious dose of fresh air while at the same time accelerating weight loss, boosting cognitive function, blood flow, and exchange of nutrients in the cells. And if all those health benefits aren’t enough to send you out of the door right away, this piece of info certainly will: studies show walking in nature is a powerful stress buster that can boost mental function, alleviate or prevent mood disorders, and promote healing of a range of physical conditions, as well as emotional traumas.

Are you ready to welcome fall with a wide smile and a happy look in your eyes? Introduce these five simple lifestyle tricks into your daily agenda and stay fit, healthy, and strong throughout the seasons. Happy fall to y’ all!