I Have Cancer.

The words “you have cancer,” send shivers down the spine. And each time you brave yourself enough to share your story, you see the looks of terror in people’s eyes that mirrored yours on that life-changing day. Maybe you continue to move forward feeling that “cancer saved my life,” as some will say.

Or, maybe you are still searching for that deep meaning inside a horrible nightmare.

There are still so many questions, so many choices to make. With every thought and every step you take, you address life’s big questions:

“How do I choose to live my life?”

“What do I do with this new part of who I am?”

Sometimes we even wonder if we have choices, or is everything just laid out in front of us, and we are just fulfilling that destiny.

Today, I am here to tell you that you have so many fantastic choices. There is life, new and wonderful life within cancer. A fabulous doctor, Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D., has given us a fabulous resource so that we may begin to see our choices clearly.

Radical Remission is a research-based book describing the nine key factors that are creating health and vigor in thousands of people diagnosed with cancer. Not just diagnosed, but some patients, after every treatment had been exhausted, were sent home to live their last days. And today, they are thriving!

I am presenting to you those nine factors, and some wonderful examples of how you can bring them into your life, so you can thrive.

Life is a wild journey — embrace it with a smile!

1. Radically Change Your Diet

Oftentimes when people think of diet they think of lack, or deprivation. It is really about adding to your diet, not taking away.

Choose to drink more water. Add a veggie with a meal. Find something that you love, and increase it. You will find that the reward is so great, that you will be happy to begin leaving behind the foods that do not nourish your body.

2. Taking Control of Your Health

As simple as feeling in control of your health, what you choose to do will impact your wellness. Ask questions. Get a third opinion, or a fourth!

It is your life. You will have a sense of calm if you are making decisions for yourself, with the support of the caring medical and mental health professionals in your life.

Just as we clean out the body of junk food, we clean out the body of junk emotions. A wonderful technique called tapping (a.k.a., Emotional Freedom Technique) has been successful for post-traumatic stress disorder and other deep traumas.

3. Follow Your Intuition

Meditation is the best way to begin practicing the art of listening. We listen to so many opinions of others.

When do you decide that your opinion matters most?

4. Using Herbs and Supplements

When working with a professional, the right supplements will promote health.

5. Releasing Suppressed Emotions

It is becoming more common knowledge now that stress affects our mental and physical health. When we have feelings that have not been dealt with, they manifest in the body as illness.

“9 Factors for Thriving through Cancer”

6. Increasing Positive Emotions

What makes you happy? What makes you laugh? We may have lost sight of these vital aspects of who we are.

Choose to explore and live every day with some laughter and light in what you do. Choose the affirmation: “I thrive with cancer.” Say it to yourself every day. You will begin to believe what you tell yourself, as you already do.

Now is the time to tell yourself a new story.

7. Embracing Social Support

Work with a group, or one on one — or maybe you have a phenomenal network of loving and supportive friends and family.

There are people in your life that care about you. Heck, even a kind stranger wishes you well. Connect with the people who have your best interests in mind and want to encourage you through these trials.

8. Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

Spirituality is what you define it to be for yourself. Your practice with your higher spirit is personal.

9. Having Strong Reasons for Living

We may all know someone that we believe “gave up on life.” If that is so, then we also know we can choose life!

“Do you want to live?” is a loaded question, but research has shown that this question matters to your health.

Does it matter to you?

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This article provided by Thriveworks Counseling Beverly Hills, MI

Postscript One: Do consult with your physician. This article doesn’t address the many life-saving “conventional” treatments for cancer.

Postscript Two: Comedian Tig Notaro on stage right after being diagnosed with Cancer. You will cry, you will also laugh: