Ah, fall: the season of falling leaves, of crisp air, and our escape from the summer humidity. If you didn’t already know, the autumn season is officially upon us—it kicked off just this past Friday and had everybody running to their local Starbucks to grab a pumpkin spiced latte (because how else would you celebrate the best season of all!). And as of today, we have just 86 more days to bask in all of fall’s glory. So take a moment to brush up on all of the fun seasonal activities and ensure you make the most of the coming months. Here’s what we have to look forward to:

1) Embracing sweater weather!

What’s better than a comfy, cozy sweater? Nothing, if you ask me. And in addition to the simple fact that they’re comfy, sweaters also combat the cold that is soon to come! So snuggle up in your favorite sweater with your pups and your loved ones, while also protecting yourself from the issues cold weather can cause!

2) Drinking fun drinks (like pumpkin spiced lattes).

Now that it’s no longer scorching out, we can better enjoy some of our favorite hot drinks like hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and hot tea! Not only do they replenish the soul, but they can have some positive effects on your mind and body as well.

3) Making fun treats.

The fun doesn’t stop at fun drinks…there are plenty of fun treats to go around as well! These include pumpkin muffins, apple pie, candy corn, and chocolate acorns. They’re fun to make, fun to look at, and—most of all—fun to eat! Making and baking these treats can also serve as a creative outlet and have other great health benefits as well.

4) Watching Sunday night football.

Unquestionably a favorite part of fall for many: the return of Sunday night football. These football-lovers love nothing more than to crowd around a TV and watch their favorite team storm the field. And they enjoy all of the benefits that come with it like the camaraderie and the emotional release football provides.

5) Celebrating the spooky, yet fun holiday that is Halloween!

I mean come on—it’s the perfect excuse to dress up in weird costumes, watch Hocus Pocus on repeat, and overeat the sugary goodness that is candy. In fact, digging into the candy stash this Halloween could offer a few health benefits! Just don’t go too crazy—everything in moderation.

6) Picking the perfect pumpkin out at the pumpkin patch.

Yes! The pumpkin patch is open for business again. Not only do you get to survey the ground for the perfect pumpkin (which you can then use in fun fall recipes AND reap the health benefits), but you can attempt to conquer the corn maze, jump on bales of hay, and even visit some fun farm friends.

7) Going apple-picking!

Shopping has never been more fun. Just wander on down to your local apple orchard and pick the best apples you see—you’ll need them for a lot of those fun fall treats and gain the health benefits the activity has to offer!

8) Saying thanks this Thanksgiving.

Fall graces us with another wonderful holiday: Thanksgiving. Not only do we have an excuse to stuff ourselves with Turkey and mashed potatoes and green beans, but we’re reminded of all of our fortunes: from our loved ones, to the roof over our heads, to our very existence. So do what you’re supposed to do on Thanksgiving and give thanks—you’ll feel happier, healthier, and experience other great health benefits as well.

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