Let me guess, you’re currently lying in bed reading this and waiting for your Domino’s pizza to arrive, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I’m not judging, you’ve probably earned it… and you know what, even if you haven’t, good for you. Today is “National Lazy Day” and it’s the one day of the year laziness is celebrated, because there are 364 other days of the year when it’s not. I used to be extremely lazy. My goal in life was to achieve a certain level of success that allowed me to be lazy for the rest of it, but then I realized how unfulfilling of a life that is. If you’re currently struggling to find motivation to do pretty much anything, the good news is there’s a way to fix it. Even better, it’s not entirely your fault, it’s partially science’s fault, and recognizing that is the first step towards laziness recovery. After that, you can start blaming yourself, because you probably should… you magnificent lazy creature, you.

#5 Poor Diet

Look, I like Flaming Hot Cheetos, who doesn’t? The fact of the matter is delicious, high calorie snack foods like FHC are making you lazy. I mean, duh, right? Now, this doesn’t mean you should never eat Flaming Hot Cheetos again, but this study proves that you should enjoy all good bad diet foods in moderation.

#4 Poor Lifestyle Choices

Now, this is a tough one, because who is to say as to what is a “poor lifestyle choice,” but the fact of the matter is that staying up late constantly, wasting too much time on social media, and generally being unproductive will eventually catch up with you. When you start almost every day sleeping past the alarm and constantly cutting corners throughout the day, you’re more likely to become inherently lazy, and it’s a vicious cycle to break. Rather than watching reruns of Seinfeld… again, make a new life goal to attack each day, and you’ll be happier… guaranteed.

#3 Exhaustion

Enough with the Netflix marathons, you can watch the final episodes of Ozark tomorrow, because it’s a Breaking Bad wannabe. Look, sleep is extremely important, and the less of it you get, the more likely you are to become lazy. Be lazy after you’re successful, and even then it’s still pretty boring. The private chef is nice, but you’ll eventually have private chef “hash browns scandal” and nobody needs that.

#2 Irresponsibility

Aww, were you raised in one of those privileged families where you had no responsibilities? Well, if that’s the case, it’s a major cause our your laziness. It’s time to accept some form of responsibilty for your actions moving forward to cure your lazy habits, but not until tomorrow. Today is “National Laziness Day” for crying out loud.

#1 Procrastination

Guess what, it’s probably not any external thing that’s the cause of you’re laziness.. it’s mostly you. Sure, there are a bunch of people and situations you can blame your laziness on, but the real reason for your laziness is mostly you and your particular brain makeup. And you can fix it. Like tomorrow. So just do it… in a non-Nike way. And please, be lazy for the rest of today. It’s your right as a member of this planet.