Are you ready for some mental exercises? I can’t hear you. All right, that’s the spirit! Mental exercises, also known as “Neurobics,” are a great way to keep your mind sharp. Your brain is something you need to consistently exercise as much as the rest of your body, and if you do start using some of these Neurobic techniques, you brain might start to surprise you. It’s time to get in terrific mental shape, and these brain exercises are a great place to start.

#5 Do Math In Your Head

I know, my brain already hurts just thinking about the thought of doing math in my head, but mental math is actually a great way to sharpen your brain. Use your brain calculator and you’ll improve your working memory which is used to store brain information that is readily available for immediate use. You can start by doing a few Math Minute Drills.

#4 Eat In Silence

Don’t just start your next dinner with a moment of silence, spend the entire meal eating in silence. According to eating behavior research, silence could change how your body reacts to the food you eat. It appears to heighten other bodily sensations which might possibly change how your body experiences food and your relationship with it. Eating in silence can make you eat less and even make your food taste different.

#3 Read A Book Out Loud And Slowly

Reading out loud uses other parts of our brain circuits than the ones we use when we read silently in our heads. The production effect explains exactly why reading out loud causes us to remember better.

#2 Shower With Your Eyes Closed

Sure we kind of already shower with our eyes closed to begin with, but apparently showering the entire time with your eyes closed is good for your brain. It helps your will hands recognize varied textures of your body which you don’t normally see this sends messages back to your brain. Use your morning shower to retrain your brain by using just your tactile. Just remember to be careful or stop if you feel like you’re losing your sense of balance.

#1  Turn Objects On Your Desk Upside Down

if you feel like you’ve been losing focus at your job lately, there’s actually a fun way to refocus your work brain. Dr. Stephen Brewer at the Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, suggests that office workers engage their brains by turning things upside down on your desk at work. Dr. Brewer says the instant your turn things are upside down, you brain will go into “alert mode” and help you start to recognize other small details during the day.