To call Game of Thrones a worldwide phenomenon doesn’t even do it proper justice. It’s by far the most captivating and addicting show ever created and it’s largely due to the fact that the show has so many amazing characters… with severe mental disorders. As season 7 of GOT rages on this Sunday, we decided it was time to diagnose some our favorite Game of Thrones characters in the hopes that they can one day receive the proper mental health treatment they desperately need. You know, before they get killed by a dragon.

#5 Sandor Clegane
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

“The Hound” suffers from Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to his brother burning half of his face as a child. This caused poor Sandor to have a crippling fear of fire for the rest of his life.  Originally called shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome, PTSD is a serious condition that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a terrifying event in which serious physical harm occurred or was threatened.

#4 Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish (Mythomania)

Everyone’s favorite creeper of King’s Landing, Petyr suffers from mythomania. Petyr is a pathological liar and uses his condition to get whatever he wants, except for the one thing he truly wants, Lady Sansa. Sorry Petyr, it’s never going to happen, bro.

#3 Cersei Lannister (Alcoholism)

The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is also the undisputed “queen of wine.” The excessive consumption of alcohol often leads to physical and psychological addiction, and Cersei definitely fits the bill in both categories. Cersei drinks so much in fact, that her brother/lover Jaime points it out on several episodes of the show.

#2 Arya Stark (Schizophrenia / Multiple Personality Disorder)

“A girl has no name,” but in the case of Arya Stark, she has the ability to be anyone she wants. Arya struggles with her identity throughout the show until she meets “The Faceless Man” who makes her Schizophrenia even worse. “In order to become someone, a girl needs to become no one,” or in poor Arya’s case, everyone.

#1 Jon Snow (Martyr Complex)

In psychology a person who has a martyr complex (or victim complex), desires the feeling of being a martyr for his/her own sake, seeking out suffering or persecution because it either feeds a psychological need or a desire to avoid responsibility. Jon Snow may know nothing, but he sure does know how to be a martyr and an intensely brooding one at that.