Today is National Boss’s Day, so we thought it was the perfect time to give the bosses of the world some easy tips on how to be an amazing boss. Now, we’re in no way implying that your aren’t currently an awesome boss and beloved by your employees, but hopefully some of these tips might make you an even awesomer boss. The type of boss who’s so amazing that their employees one day chip in to erect a statue in your honor outside the office.

You know, basically like my current boss at Thriveworks. He’s like super awesome and pretty much the best boss in the whole wide world. Sure, technically speaking, he paid me to say that, but I truly mean it. He’s also super handsome, has an amazing sense of fashion, and from what I hear, he also possesses a tremendous singing voice. #christmasbonus

#5 Create A Positive Culture

Most of the best bosses tend to create a positive culture with a primary focus on collaboration and ingenuity. The more you allow your employees to be part of the vision of your company, the more likely they are to be engaged rather than simply following orders.

#4 Constantly Promote Creativity

No matter what profession a person ultimately chooses, everyone wants to fancy themselves as somewhat creative at the end of the day. Great bosses tend to encourage constant creativity from their co-workers. Studies have shown that the more consistent creativity often leads to workers being more productive. “As strange as it sounds, creativity can become a habit,” says creativity researcher Jonathan Plucker, PhD, a psychology professor at Indiana University. “Making it one helps you become more productive.”

#3 Embrace Open Communication

No matter how well you get along with your co-workers, disagreements are going to happen every now and then, so it’s important to let your employees know that they can always openly talk about any issues or dispute. Some of the best ways to achieve open office communication are ensuring that all managers are committed to open communication, always try and keep your messaging positive, and establish a grievance system so employees know that their complaints will be kept confidential.

#2 Empower Your Employees

It’s important to empower your workforce to make changes that might improve product, process, and procedures. Over the last three decades, an increased interest in empowerment has been seen within psychology and management techniques including motivation, leadership, group processes, decision-making, and organizational design. Studies have shown that empowerment can enhance employee performance and mental well-being.

#1 Constant Fringe Benefits

They say it’s the little things in life that matter the most, and this is definitely true when it comes to being a great boss. At least once a month, you should always treat your employees to a free lunch or some sort of fun event. Letting your employees know how much you appreciate their hard work is extremely important, and you’d be surprised how much the occasional free donuts can do for office morale. You could even go as far as having masseuses come to your office once a month or hiring a gourmet food truck. And no, hiring a clown is not a good idea. 🙂