Let’s say you blew it on a first date. Or meeting your significant other’s parents didn’t go as planned. Whatever the case, a bad first impression has left you feeling hopeless. What now? Instead of ruminating over the uncomfortable encounter, follow these three steps to recover.

One, calm down. You’re probably freaking out over your bad first impression, but it’s a waste of energy. Remember that everyone has been there at least once or twice.

Two, follow up. For example, if it’s a first date that’s gone wrong, send them a text explaining your nerves and maybe even a desire to make it up on a second date. Be sincere and let your true personality shine.

Three, let it go. Once you’ve calmed down and followed up with the individual, it’s time to let it go. If they’re willing to give you a second shot, great. If not, that’s okay too! Either way, no more looking back.

These three steps will help you recover from a bad first impression.