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Anger is important. It is a very powerful, and very normal emotion that we are born with. Anger helps us to respond to an injustice with vigor. Anger helps to teach us — in a very strong way — what is fair and what is unfair. Evolutionarily speaking, anger has been imperative to our survival.

That said, sometimes this natural (some would say “god-given”) emotion does the opposite of its purpose. Instead of helping us, it harms us — both our lives and relationships. Instead of it helping us to stand up to an injustice, the anger seems to control us to commit injustices ourselves.

It is when we reach this point that it’s important to seek help.”

At Thriveworks, we literally help thousands of clients every year overcome their struggles with anger. Our team of licensed, caring, mental health professionals has been featured in a wide variety of local and national publications including CNN, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, Newsday, Counseling Today, and many more. But most importantly, our counseling team is available to help you improve your relationship with anger.

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10 Coping Skills to Manage Anger:

(By Counselor Dr. Valerie Waruszewski)
1. Focus on the big picture: Will losing your temper help you obtain your goal?
2. Use empathy: Try to understand things through the other person’s point of view.
3. Don’t keep things bottled up: Discuss concerns and work to find solutions.
4. Manage stress; use time management skills and learn to say no.
5. Take care of yourself: Eat healthy food, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.
6. Label what you are feeling — once your feelings are identified, you can look for triggers and make a plan to address them.
Be proactive: Plan ahead and avoid negative influences when possible.
8. Learn and use breathing exercises and muscle relaxation, or say a quick prayer
9. If you can, walk away.
10. Make sure to include some fun into your every day.

If you are struggling to take that first step to get help, consider this favorite quote of one of our therapists:

Ships in the harbor are safe, but that is not what ships are made for.”

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone to reach our full potential — go ahead and take a chance!

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