Free Addiction, Parenting Workshops in Grand Rapids

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Join Us for Two Free Workshops! Thriveworks Counseling in Grand Rapids, Michigan, will be hosting two free workshops in August 2015 — one on parenting and the other on addiction. Both workshops will be held at our office, located at 4079 Park East Court SE, Suite C. Directions: Take the Cascade Exit (40A) and turn […]

Meet Thriveworks Counselor Kate Elenbaas, in Grand Rapids, MI

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TRANSCRIPT: My name is Kate Elenbaas, I’m a new therapist here at Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching here in Grand Rapids. I’m very excited to be a part of th te team here. I got my LMSW from Western Michigan University, and I’m also a certified, advanced addiction drug counselor here in town as well. Like […]

5 Emotional Regulation Tips for Women in Addiction Recovery

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Don’t Cope with Your Troublesome Feelings — Regulate Them Emotional regulation — learning to control and tolerate emotional distress — is a fundamental part of addiction recovery. A lack of emotional regulation skills is often what contributes to the development of addiction, since addicts turn to substance abuse as a means to cope with difficult […]

Boston Psychiatrist’s Straight Talk About Addiction and the Brain

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Addictions: The Big Picture Drug addiction has remained a stubborn problem for individuals, families and societies for thousands of years. It is only in the past 20 years that science has been able to clarify one of the factors: addictions cause lasting changes in the human brain that are difficult to reverse. Although we have […]

Shades of Blue: Here are 10 Types of Depression

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About Depression Simply defined, depression means feeling depressed. It’s a feeling, not a limiting character trait (although it can CERTAINLY feel like the latter). It can wear the face of Sylvia Plath or Kurt Cobain — the brilliant artist going out in a blaze of self-destruction. Depression can also be the 6th grade bully who’s […]

This animation perfectly shows what addiction is like

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“Kiwi tastes a golden nugget. It’s delicious.” In this animated short by production studio FILM BILDER, an animated kiwi gives us an impression of what addiction looks like. Watch what happens as the kiwi first tries a golden nugget, and then returns to it again and again. The kiwi consumes the globules in search of […]

Crisis Is Not a Disaster; it’s an Opportunity for Change

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By, Counselor Teresa J. Cooper, M.A., LPC-MHSP — Thriveworks Knoxville While you may be in the midst of a persona crisis, the sky isn’t really falling. A crisis can be big or small, but most often the “crises” we experience aren’t disasters, but opportunities for growth and for change. Change is possible, but it’s not […]

A Tip for Making Life Changes, with Counselor Justin Hall LPC

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By Justin Hall, LPC — Thriveworks Knoxville When looking to make changes in your life, think about the healthy or new things in your life you want to include instead of focusing on the areas of our life that you want to quit. This approach will help you to take a more active and positive […]

How to Help a Son who’s Smoking Pot and Getting Arrested


My question is: My 23-year-old son has a drug addiction. First it was marijuana and alcohol for many years, and now he seems to be smoking something called chop out of a bong pipe (tobacco and marijuana), but his behavior has changed he’s become more violent and very angry. He recently was arrested last week in […]

5 Ways to Beat Internet Addiction


Do you struggle with Internet Addiction? Would you believe me if I told you the average American spends more hours a day on the internet than they do sleeping? Well, believe it. Newsweek recently pointed out that “Americans have merged with their machines.” Now before you judge too quickly, think about your own life for a […]

Are Love and Addiction the Same thing?

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Is there a real difference between love and addiction? A colleague brought up an interesting topic for discussion the other day. He asked the simple question, “Is love the same as addiction?” This is one of those questions that, on the surface, I believed I had thought of before, though I honestly never entertained the comparison. […]

Is Social Media Healthy For Us?

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The Impact of Social Media This discussion comes up quite frequently these days, and as someone who has spent years working in social media marketing, I’ve seen both the good and bad sides of this phenomenon. When I say “social media,” I am referring to the social networks that are becoming more and more prevalent […]

Helping to Stop Suicide: Life-coach radio hosts commit suicide together

Two life coaches in NYC who hosted a radio show “The Pursuit of Happiness” committed suicide in their Brooklyn apartment. Our thoughts go out to John and Lynne. If you or anyone you know is struggling with this issue, please seek help. To remember their memory, here is a clip of their show “The Pursuit […]

Counseling Community Forum and Discussion Board

Thriveworks Community Forum features member and counselor discussions, ranging from specific symptoms and related conditions, to topics concerning happiness and health. “If it takes a village to raise a child”, a village (community) can help individuals when they are in the middle of divorce, struggling with addiction, working through relationship problems, or even struggling with […]

Atlanta Counselor Tomiko Logan Featured on KISS 104 Atlanta

Tomiko Logan

Why do we lie? Have you ever caught yourself lying for no reason? Tomiko Logan, Thriveworks Atlanta Counselor, was featured on Atlanta’s Liar Liar show on KISS 104 to help explain why. Tomiko challenged Atlanta (and people everywhere) to detox and purify so that they can get back to telling the truth. How? Step 1 […]

Addiction: Disease, Choice or Something Much More Complex?

Counseling for Addiction: Disease, Choice or Something Much More Complex? Everyone has their own views and opinions on the origins of addiction.  Some view it as a moral failure; others view it as an inherited disease over which they have no control.  Some view it as proof that someone just hasn’t yet matured. I hope […]