Staffing Agency Information

Greetings Staffing Agency,

If you are reading this webpage, it’s probably because you’ve responded to one of our job ads, and are interested in helping us staff our clinics. Great! We are interested in working with you too.

We seek to grow our clinical teams in multiple cities, including:

  • Cambridge, MA
  • Westborough, MA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Forest, VA
  • Atlanta, GA

We are often solicited by staffing agencies offering to help us onboard Psychiatrists.
To do so, you will need to be willing to contract with us under the following terms, and with the following understandings.

Staffing Agency Information & Terms

    1. We are looking for permanent placement only. We are not interested in Locum Tenens or temporary placement.
    2. Our employees are compensated extremely well and receive numerous employment benefits including health insurance, dental, disability, life, and even a 401-K profit sharing plan. However, our clinicians are also paid on a percent split basis of the fees accrued from the patients/clients they service. Our clinicians do not receive a base salary.
    3. We will contract with a staffing agency only by issuing our own in-house contract. We will not sign any other agreements with a staffing agency.
    4. Our work agreement is short, in plain English, and payment terms are generally as follows. “Client [Thriveworks] agrees to pay Staffing Agency 20% of all wages earned by candidate, for one year’s (12 months) time. Payments will be made by Client to Staffing Agency on a monthly basis. If the candidate is terminated or becomes no longer employed with Client, payments will stop.”
    5. We are looking for a long-term, mutually beneficial, staffing relationship. We have 6 locations, and are growing fast.

We believe these terms are favorable to both a reputable staffing agency, and our clinics.

*Note:This webpage is for informational purposes, to start a conversation. It’s not a work order, it’s not a contract, and it’s not anything that binds you to work for us or that binds us to pay you for work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Perhaps we will be working with you soon!

Your Friends at Thriveworks