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Thriveworks Sterling, VA offers psychological testing and assessment services. In addition to supplementing the therapeutic process, these services help the individual to better understand their thoughts, behaviors, motivations, skills, values, personality, motivations, and more. At the conclusion of these assessments, the goal is to offer a diagnosis as well as recommendations for managing this diagnosis.

Psychological testing can prove valuable at the start of counseling, as well as when treatment stops meaningfully progressing. The psychologists at Thriveworks Sterling are here to help you better manage certain disorders as well as to supplement your mission of self-discovery. In the former case, they will evaluate your specific symptoms and then use the given psychological assessment(s) to inform your treatment plan.

If you are looking for psychological testing and assessment services, give Thriveworks Sterling a call at (703) 348-5217. We’ll be happy to get you scheduled for an appointment. We have both in-person and online appointments available for psychological testing. Just let us know which you prefer.

What Is Psychological Testing?

Psychological testing and assessment considers important sources of information, which improve the understanding of individual traits and capacities. The psychologists at Thriveworks Sterling might derive this information from…

  • Behavioral observations
  • Formal psychological tests
  • Interviews conducted with the individual being examined
  • Interviews conducted with the individual’s loved ones, teachers, and others

In summary, these interviews, observations, and tests allow the psychologist to better understand their client and make appropriate diagnoses as well as treatment plans. Sean Hayes PsyD of Thiveworks Counseling in Sterling, VA further explains: “Many people can benefit from psychological testing. Sometimes, a client is having problems with mood or daily functioning but isn’t sure they’re having those problems and, more importantly, what to do about the problems. Psychotherapy can help with that, but sometimes it becomes difficult to narrow down exactly what the client is struggling with. This is one place where testing comes in handy.” For example, psychological testing might lead to an ADHD diagnosis as well as an establishment of therapy and medication for the disorder. Ultimately, these tests better ensure that the given individual gets the help and support that they might need.

What Psychological Tests Are Offered at Thriveworks Sterling?

There are several types of psychological tests being offered at Thriveworks Sterling. These include:

  1. Cognitive functioning and intelligence testing: Cognitive tests are meant to check for problems with cognition, or your brain processes. For example: thinking, language, memory, and judgment. These problems can range in severity. Intelligence tests, on the other hand, measure one’s IQ and help diagnose intellectual disabilities.
  2. Adaptive functioning and developmental testing: Adaptive functioning and developmental testing evaluates one’s social and emotional development. These tests can also help analyze the individual’s overall life skills/abilities and can ultimately inform diagnosis of ADHD, autism, and other developmental disorders.
  3. Career interests, skills, and coaching: We can also provide assessments related to one’s career interests, skills, and coaching. These tests are meant to help you explore your interests and better understand which career(s) you are best suited for, based on your personality as well as other factors.
  4. Differential diagnosis assessments: These tests are beneficial when the individual presents symptoms that are shared by multiple conditions. For example, many mental illnesses cause sadness, sleep difficulties, inability to focus, and changes in appetite. A differential diagnosis considers all possible disorders and can involve several tests.
  5. Personality assessments: Personality tests assess one’s personality traits using survey measures and reports. This process involves the administration, as well as the scoring and interpretation of these reports. Personality assessments can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses to then determine the right path forward.

 If you’re in search of psychological testing for yourself or for a loved one, Thriveworks Sterling is here to help. Our psychologists are happy to conduct these comprehensive psychological evaluations to inform treatment or simply your life decisions. We can help children and adults at varying levels of education and functioning.

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Thriveworks Sterling, VA has skilled, caring counselors and psychologists on our team who can conduct comprehensive psychological testing services. These services can prove valuable to many people, such as: individuals who are experiencing lapses in memory and in search of cognitive testing; those with symptoms of a disorder such as ADHD or autism; those who are exploring their career options; people with wide-ranging symptoms shared by multiple illnesses; and people who are simply looking to get to know themselves better.

If you’re interested in scheduling cognitive functioning and intelligence testing, adaptive functioning and developmental testing, career interests and skills testing, differential diagnosis assessment, or a personal assessment, call Thriveworks Sterling at (703) 348-5217. We have both in-person and online appointments available for psychological testing.

A scheduling specialist will greet you and walk you through the quick, easy scheduling process. Thriveworks Sterling has flexible scheduling options to choose from: In addition to normal daytime appointments, we also offer sessions in the evenings and on the weekends. Let us know what works best for you.

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