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Warren Psychiatry—Psychiatrists in Warren, MI

In your typical story, the plot is composed of: the exposition, or the beginning of the story; the rising action, or the introduction of the conflict; the climax, or the turning point; the falling action, or the action that results from the climax; and the resolution, or the conclusion. 

Most often, the resolution is packed with introspection and clarity. Or to put it more simply, the story has a happy ending. This makes for a great book or movie, but it doesn’t exactly reflect reality. In reality, our problems or conflicts don’t end with a simple fix or resolution. Instead, it’s a longer journey to manage and overcome these problems, so that we can then live a happy, successful life.

The obstacles that you face in your life might need a comprehensive plan to improve or manage them. For example, if you are suffering after a death in the family, you’ll likely need to take a few different actions:

  1. You have to allow yourself to feel your loss and grieve properly
  2. You have to be extra kind to yourself, performing self-care regularly
  3. You have to turn to your support system for love and support
  4. You have to figure out how to live your life without the loved one lost

Tackling all of the above is easier said than done. Often, we can’t actually accomplish these things on our own. But we can accomplish them with the help of a professional. Psychiatrists can help people who are suffering with grief and bereavement, the aftermath of trauma, or symptoms of a mental health condition. 

These professionals are well-versed in helping people manage and overcome these very problems. They can accompany you on a successful journey toward living better. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist, Thriveworks Counseling in Warren, MI can help. We can offer a more convenient way of working with a psychiatrist: from a distance. You can meet with a Thriveworks psychiatrist online, over the phone or video.

What Problems Can a Psychiatrist Treat?

Psychiatry is a medical specialty, which centers around diagnosing and treating mental health conditions. Psychiatrists, then, are medical professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders.

Many people mistakenly believe that psychiatrists only help those with the most severe or disabling conditions. In reality, though, this is just a misconception and psychiatrists can help people with a range of disorders and disruptions. Here are some of the most common:

  • Depression and bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders, like anorexia
  • Sleep disturbances, like insomnia
  • Addiction, to drugs, alcohol, gambling
  • Obsessive thoughts and behaviors
  • Severe stress or worry
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Memory problems
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Delusions and hallucinations
  • Poor body image

Are you experiencing any of the above problems? If so, know that you can get the help that you need to improve your symptoms and manage any existing mental health conditions. 

A psychiatrist helps by assessing an individual’s symptoms and then diagnosing a mental disorder if present. Then, they can design a treatment plan for the individual that is based on their diagnosis and specific symptoms.

Often, psychiatrists use medication to help their clients improve or manage their symptoms. However, this is also often used in conjunction with therapy (which might be led by the psychiatrist or another mental health professional). Together, medication and therapy prove to be a powerful duo in helping one live better.

Set up a Psychiatry Session at Thriveworks Counseling in Warren, MI

Are you looking for someone who can help manage mental health problems? 

Are you looking for a professional who prescribes medication or offers medication management? You’ve come to the right place. Thriveworks Counseling in Warren, MI has psychiatrists on our team who can offer online psychiatry. This means that you can meet with your psychiatrist comfortably from home via video chat or phone call.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with one of our psychiatrists, you can click here to view the members of our team and book your session online! Or, you can call one of the numbers below to speak to a scheduling specialist. You can schedule your appointment with a psychiatrist at any of the offices below, but we do recommend choosing the office closest to you:

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