Ann Arbor Psychiatry—Psychiatric Care

Ann Arbor Psychiatry—Psychiatric Care

Amanda has pulled away—from her job, her loved ones, her entire life. She feels bogged down by feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. She isn’t the loud, jubilant girl her friends and family are used to.

Amanda stays at her apartment as much as she can. Fortunately, her job is remote so she can do the bare minimum from home. Her friends keep asking her to join them for a night out. Sometimes, she answers the phone and tells them she can’t make it. And at other times, she doesn’t answer the phone at all.

Hesitant, Amanda opens the door for her mother. They sit down at the dining room table and talk. They talk about the sadness that has been weighing Amanda down. They talk about her disinterest for seeing or talking to others. Amanda brings up a few other symptoms as well. She’s been…

  • Feeling hopeless
  • Struggling to stay asleep at night
  • Suffering from a lack of appetite
  • Losing a significant amount of weight

Amanda’s mom convinces her to schedule a consultation with a psychiatrist. Again, Amanda details her symptoms. She tells her psychiatrist about her sadness and her feelings of hopelessness. She goes into her sleep difficulties, changes in appetite, and weight loss.

Her psychiatrist diagnoses Amanda with major depression. He then goes on to explain that this condition is highly treatable and that they can get started with treatment right away. He sets her up with a therapist and prescribes an antidepressant. Over the next few months, Amanda sees huge improvements. She knows the journey isn’t over but she isn’t hopeless anymore.

What Are Psychiatrists?

Psychiatrists are experts on our psychological health. They specialize in diagnosing as well as treating individuals who present mental health conditions. These professionals dedicate many years of their life to studying, learning, training, and gaining experience in this field. By the time they see clients, they are well-equipped to help with mental disorders and emotional disturbances.

There are over 200 mental disorders. Psychiatrists are well-versed in diagnosing and treating these disorders, but there are several common problems that affect many of their clients:

  • Depression, both major and minor
  • Anxiety, including generalized and social anxiety
  • Eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia
  • Addiction and substance abuse problems
  • Bipolar disorder

When you feel sick, you schedule an appointment with your doctor, right? If you’re feeling mentally or emotionally unwell, you should also schedule an appointment with the proper mental health professional. 

Psychiatrists are uniquely qualified to help with your mental woes, as they can diagnose and treat their clients with both therapy and medication. Other mental health professionals are not able to prescribe medication or provide medication management, which is what sets psychiatrists apart.

Your psychiatrist will recommend treatment based on your condition, your specific symptoms, and your medical history. They will gather a comprehensive understanding of your needs to create the best plan of care possible. And if they see a need for adjusting your treatment later, they will. Their goal is to help you as best they can.

Schedule an Appointment with a Psychiatrist at Thriveworks in Michigan

Thriveworks Counseling in Ann Arbor, MI is here and prepared to help you. Our team is full of skilled, caring professionals who have proven their expertise as well as their compassion. We feel confident in connecting you with one of our psychiatrists to receive the mental health care that you’re looking for.

If you choose to work with one of our psychiatrists, you can look forward to online care. Our psychiatrists conduct telehealth sessions, which means that you can attend your appointments from home or wherever else you deem fit. These sessions occur over the phone or video. You can let your provider know what your preference is and they’ll be happy to accommodate.

To schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist in Michigan, you can click here. Review our provider’s bios and select the psychiatrist that you would like to work with. Or, you can call one of the numbers below for scheduling assistance. You can schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist at any of these offices, but we recommend choosing the office closest to you:

Thriveworks in Birmingham: (248) 686-3347

Thriveworks in Oakland: (947) 217-3010

Thriveworks in Sterling Heights: (586) 238-4265

Thriveworks in Troy: (248) 764-4182

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