Premium Services

Premium Services

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Thriveworks is setting new standards in counseling care, and in doing this Thriveworks practices offer a variety of premium services to clients. This creates tremendous financial opportunity for franchisees because even when working with insurance payers, premium services = premium dollars!

Providers and Pockets

During your initial 3-days of training at Thriveworks Headquarters, located in historic downtown Lynchburg, Virginia, we will teach you which insurance providers to work with, which to avoid and which types of premium services clients value SO MUCH that they are more than happy to pay out-ofpocket. By combining the best of 3rd party payers and cash-only practice strategies, Thriveworks franchisees are strategically positioned to offer clients the best of both worlds.

Thriveworks Code of Quality

Setting New Standards in Care

It’s one thing to offer great services. It’s another to back it up with quality. Our commitment to a code of quality ensure that first-time clients think of us when a need arises.

  • Empowering Care
  • Respectful Service
  • Same-day Sessions
  • Extended Hours
  • Prompt Session Times
  • Welcoming Offices
  • Confidential Care
  • Access by Email
  • Access by Phone
  • Ethical Providers
  • Top-rated Team


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