Depression and anxiety are common among the elderly: help them fight off these illnesses by encouraging their involvement in fun hobbies and social activities

As our loved ones grow older, we tend to worry about physical ailments, such as an increased risk for heart attacks and memory problems like dementia. However, we often fail to recognize threats to their mental health—for example, the elderly often suffers from depression and anxiety. These are common illnesses…

Mushrooms are “brain food” for seniors: Seniors who consume more than two portions of mushrooms a week may have 50% reduced odds of suffering from mild cognitive impairment

A six-year study suggests that seniors who eat more than two portions of mushrooms a week may have 50% reduced odds of experiencing mild cognitive decline. Furthermore, even just one small portion of mushrooms a week could prove beneficial and reduce these odds. The research team reached this conclusion after…

Older People Remember the Basics, But Ignore the Details: Researchers Say This May Lead to False Memories

According to new research, older people rely on schematic memory, which may have troubling consequences. More specifically, this study “Differentiating True and False Schematic Memories in Older Adults,” says that as people age, they typically rely on schematic memory, which helps them remember the basics of an event—however, because they…

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