A new study found that millennials really don’t like being associated with their own generation. In fact, they are more embarrassed by themselves than anyone else. Millennials have been given a variety of unsavory names such as, “Self-absorbed”, “Lazy”, and “The Worst Generation”. With these titles, it’s understandable why the majority refuse to be associated with the label. 

The Facts

A Pew Research Study conducted a survey asking over 3,000 adults how they felt about various generation labels. They then asked them to choose a label they self identify with the most. Only 40% of millennials actually associate themselves with their generation. The older millennials in the study tried to claim themselves with Generation X (news flash, this isn’t anywhere even remotely accurate for 18 year olds… Please tell me how much you loved Woodstock in the 60’s).

Older generations like the baby boomer’s still proudly associated themselves with their assigned generation. When they were asked to describe what they thought of the younger generation, they assigned the stereotypical labels including “twerkers”, “greedy” and “wasteful”.

There’s Hope

This news doesn’t have to be the end all be all for millennials. With the majority refusing to associate themselves with the millennial title, it means younger individuals do see something wrong with how they’re perceived. In fact, according to the study, they see themselves in a more negative way than any other generation.  Working on breaking the stereotypes? We hope so.  Not enough millennials get the credit for wanting to change the world by aiming to end poverty, sex trafficking, and establish fair social business practices. Sure the bimbos get their brief viral fame, but there are more millennials focusing on changing society then we think.

If there’s hope for humanity, there’s hope for the world. And to give you more encouragement to make a difference, watch the video above to inspire you. 

Happy Friday, now go do something meaningful with it!