10 Reasons to Franchise with Thriveworks

There’s way more than 10 reasons to own a Thriveworks practice…

…but this will get us started.

1. Turn-key Practice

A Thriveworks counseling franchise is a turn-key counseling practice. No re-inventing the wheel. Everything has been thought through thoroughly, from recruiting and retaining excellent providers, to offering a unique and high-quality experience to clients.

2. Operations Manual (& Proven Business Model)

Learn the details of our successful and proven business model. Our ops manual is over 400 pages and includes instruction on everything from how to select the best site for your practice, to how to greet a client in the waiting room. The operations manual is just the beginning. Thriveworks intranet includes thousands of pages of documents, including everything from print-on-demand promotional materials, to client intake paperwork, to employment contracts for your team members.

3. Training and Mentorship

Franchisees are mentored for the life of their franchises. This begins with 3 days of training at Thriveworks headquarters (including time at an active Thriveworks counseling location). After that, franchises receive unlimited mentorship, provided typically weekly. But also image, at Thriveworks HQ we have an in-house recruiter, HR professionals, healthcare professionals, attorney, marketing professionals, web professionals, and more. Starting day one, you have everyone’s direct phone number—it’s pretty amazing (welcome to the tribe!). As a franchisee, the questions you’ll have in year one won’t be the same as the questions you’ll have in year 5. Thankfully, we’ve been in both places many times, and we can help.

4. Community

Interact and share experiences with like-minded Thriveworks business owners! Our community is extremely active with ongoing discussions online via our private discussion board. We also host a monthly training and group videoconference (lively discussion and great support). And then there’s “Thrivestock” our amazing yearly homecoming, conference, and celebration!

5. The “Family Effect”

Experience many group discounts and referral relationships, the family effect continues to grow with the Franchise community. To date, it includes credit card processing rates of 1.59%, modern office furniture at wholesale, discounts on Electronic Health Records (we’re the largest customer of a well-known national EHR provider), and a lot more.

6. Protected Territory

Other Thriveworks practices are helpful neighbors, not competitors. Experience the difference with a protected territory.

7. Trusted Premium Brand

Thriveworks has been featured in publications including CNN, Entrepreneur, Prevention, The Boston Globe, ABC & NBC news, Counseling Today, Chicago Tribune, Mashable, The New York Times, and many others. Own a practice capable of upholding Thriveworks quality standards.

8. Extensive Operations Support

Exhaustive backend support includes Credentialing, Medical Billing, Scheduling & Reception, Electronic Health Records, Website Development, and more! You won’t find anything like this anywhere.

9. Website Development and Promotion

Thriveworks web team is second to none. Benefit from a professional website and ongoing website development and maintenance. We’re #1 on many internet searches, beating both local providers and national companies.

10. Innovations and Technologies

From our counseling app “Therapy Buddy”, to expertise in online counseling, to online support chat, to technology for clients to provide review feedback by text, join a brand with a mindset for safe and productive innovation.

Bonus: Affordable

It’s affordable to convert a practice, or start one from scratch. Our franchise fees are the lowest in the industry. Our operational services, while incredible, are a fraction of the cost of DIY. We truly believe a Thriveworks practice can be launched and operated more affordably, and more effectively, than any other counseling practice in existence.


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