A good friend of mine has a son who is in his early 20s. I am staying at his house during my trip home for the holidays , and have been observing his struggle to get his son to bathe. Bluntly, his son smells awful. He is mentally ill but I\\\’m not sure of the diagnosis as his grandmother had looked after him most of his life . Recently , His father found him homeless and brought him home and it seems like it\\\’s been several weeks since he\\\’s bathed. His son is most definitely feeling severe anxiety and fear , as he describes it, his bones feel like they\\\’re breaking, also says his skin might come off. His dad is doing his best but on several occasions he\\\’s resorted to trying to force him in the shower. They\\\’ve had him in mental health facilities but this behavior is recent. I\\\’ve been in treatment myself and we\\\’ve talked about the situation but he falls short of coming to the conclusion that this is real for his son and he\\\’s  not just being oppositional. I\\\’ve heard of a phobia that is a fear of bathing but this seems more than that. He also has a food obsession, not that he eats much but he spends most of the day in the kitchen picking at pretty much everything. I\\\’m not asking for a diagnosis per say, maybe advice on broaching the subject of hospitalization .. I\\\’m afraid they may hurt one another or the thin thread of trust , if there is any , will be broken permanently if he keeps pushing.