I have developed an issue over the last several years that when I’m in a social setting and alcohols involved I can not have a few drinks socially I binge drink and end up sick and wondering why I can not just have one . I am a mother and I want to figure out where the need to drink excessive when in a social situation has come from . I don’t keep alcohol in the house bc my husband is in recovery I will buy a bottle of wine and drink the entire thing in one night then feel horribly and I won’t drink for a few days and I will decide I want a drink and it happens again . I do not drink in the am or feel like I’m dependent on alcohol it’s just if I’m at a party or event or wedding or at home like I mentioned I can not just have a few drinks socially so basically I don’t drink often but when I do I drink to get drunk . It’s affecting my husband and just recently my daughter has noticed once that I had one to many and I have tremendous guilt . I want to get to the bottom of this because now my daughter has been affected

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