Invest in employee mental health to create a happy, devoted workforce

2,000+ counselors and psychiatrists ready to provide exceptional care to your employees today.


Personalized mental health care for diverse needs

Thriveworks offers mental health services in person at 340+ locations across the US and online. On a mission to help people live happy and successful lives, we built our practice around our clients’ needs and personalize treatment to each individual. The diverse backgrounds and specialties of our providers enable us to help people with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Personal, professional goals
  • Anger management
  • Family conflicts
  • Grief and trauma
  • Lack of fulfillment
  • LGBTQ concern
  • And even more

These areas can be difficult to manage alone and, if left unaddressed, may lead to additional challenges. We understand that prompt mental health help is vital and pride ourselves on having no waitlists — we have providers who can help new clients as soon as today or tomorrow.

Premium counseling and psychiatry benefits

In-Person and Online Care

Most mental health services offer in-person or online care exclusively. We offer both, with hundreds of locations across the US and online providers in most states, to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.

Only Top Providers

The search for an exceptional provider can be discouraging. We hire only the top 4% of providers to join our team and provide the very best care to our clients.

High-Touch Support

On-the-spot support is hard to come by. Our support team is available 7 days a week including holidays, and your provider is available between sessions by phone or email.

Full 50-60 Minute Sessions

Others hide how long your counseling session is, and it’s often only 20-30 minutes. We offer full 50-60 minute sessions.

No Waitlists

Average wait times for mental health care can be three weeks or more. Oftentimes, our clients can attend their first session within 3-5 days of scheduling.

Evening and Weekend Appointments

Finding a convenient time to get mental health care is a challenge. We offer options that work with busy schedules like evening and weekend sessions.

Flexible Cancellations

Life happens, we get it. We have a flexible cancellation policy that lets you cancel or reschedule your session for free with just 23.5 hours’ notice.

Real, Lasting Relationships

Many counseling services aren't practices but loosely affiliated directories of therapists. We have full-time, dedicated team members who build long-standing careers and lasting relationships with clients.

Mental health matters

Mental health challenges directly impact work satisfaction and performance


of US workers participating in wellness programs indicated improved happiness and wellbeing


of US employees suffer from work-related stress


of US workers participating in wellness programs reported increased engagement in their employer’s mission and goals

or nearly half of US workers struggle with mental health issues

Individuals and the entire team and organization benefit from mental health support in the workplace. Access to mental health resources empowers individuals to get the help that they need, encourages a team-oriented environment, and creates a culture of support that employees will never want to leave.



Most people don’t talk about their mental health challenges or obtain the right support. Receiving access to mental health resources from their employer can enable and empower individuals to get the help that they need.



Seeking mental health help is a personal decision but there is value for the entire team. When people are given the tools they need to manage problems like stress, depression, and anxiety, their ability and desire to communicate and collaborate improves.



The whole organization will benefit from a workplace that not only offers mental health resources but shows employees that their wellbeing matters. This creates a culture of support and inclusion that anyone would want to be a part of.


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FAQs about Thriveworks for Business

Using their mental health benefits, your employees can schedule an appointment with a Thriveworks counselor or psychiatrist and work toward a happier, more successful life. Access to affordable mental health resources will empower your employees to get the help and support that they need, benefiting them both personally and professionally.

A B2B partnership with Thriveworks offers your employees complete mental health support. They will receive access to our full-time, dedicated team of 2,000+ counselors and psychiatrists who build long-standing careers here and lasting relationships with clients. Our providers offer both online and in-person care across the US, and they’re uniquely qualified to help with a wide range of mental health challenges. Their specialties include anxiety, stress, depression, family conflicts, couples issues, trauma, ADHD, and more.

We work to provide all of our partners with white-glove service. Each corporate customer receives a unique 800 number that connects them with our B2B support team who can help your employees schedule an appointment or answer questions; a co-branded webpage with a contact us form, which allows employees to request a call back instead; a flyer that hosts the unique 800 number, webpage link, and additional information; and an account manager who sees that these areas are fulfilled and additional needs or requests are addressed.

Your employees can schedule services with our providers on the same day as our agreed-upon launch date — and often, new clients can see a provider within 3-5 days of scheduling.

No, you do not have to use insurance to participate. In addition to accepting most major insurance, we offer affordable self-pay rates as low as $100 a session.

The cost of a partnership with Thriveworks varies, based on how much the employer wants to cover for its employees. Most often, the employer pays the monthly membership fee while insurance covers the individual’s sessions. However, if the employee has a high deductible, many of our partners choose to help pay for their appointments until they reach their deductible! We’re happy to talk more about cost and help you find the best model for your organization and employees.

Yes, we can provide reports (in aggregate form) on a quarterly basis.

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