It has been said that the beauty of Michigan is experiencing its four seasons — fall, winter, spring and construction (although some would argue the seasons are more like almost winter, winter, still winter and construction).

On some days, construction and road work seem to pop up rather suddenly and you can’t plan for it. How many of us were stuck on 196 recently because of a closed lane due to tree trimming? (I was!)

If you are frustrated by the traffic jams we experience in Grand Rapids, here are three tips to surviving the season.

1. More Time

Give yourself the gift of more time to get where you need to be. Leave a little bit early. If you get stuck, you have time to enjoy music or a news story you may otherwise have missed. If you don’t get stuck, you have a few extra minutes to grab a cup of coffee or run a quick errand.

These precious few minutes can help take that “pressure-cooker” feeling off of you, and can set the tone for a less stressful day.

2. Technology is Your Friend

Use your phone or computer to check for traffic delays before you leave. There are a ton of great apps and tools you can use to find out (and avoid!) the bottlenecks on the roads before you even leave home.

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3. Practice Stress Management Techniques

Do you know what works best for you in stressful moments? Do you carry a stress ball, for example, or find that breathing techniques work well for you?

If you find yourself severely affected by stressful situations and don’t know the best way to manage that stress, frustration or anger, maybe it’s time to focus on some self-care. Give us a call and one of our counselors right here in Grand Rapids can help you discover some effective and healthy ways to cope.

These skills are applicable to everyday life and can help in numerous situations in addition to stressful traffic jams!

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